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Gavin's 2014-15 Mid-Season Review : The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, The Flash, HTGAWM, Revenge & So Much More

June 2014 - December 2014
2014 - 2015 Mid-Season Review
Total Shows: 78

I couldn't even fit all the shows I watch in the labels. Maximum of 200 characters; my shows came to 788 characters. Whoops. As you can tell, I love watching television shows. There's such a huge choice out there now that it's so hard to limit myself. I tend to watch about five episodes of a new show and if it doesn't make me excited, it's cut. On the rare occasion, if the Pilot just does not do it for me, it's cut straight away. That happened once so far this 2014-15 season, and that was with WGN America's Manhattan. Sorry, it just wasn't for me. The other shows I dropped were A to Z, Constantine, Crossbones, Extant and Manhattan Love Story.

Just to make this super-mega-huge mid-season review a little easier to navigate, I'll sort them into networks with them all being alphabetical. There are sections for some of SpoilerTV's most popular shows including The Walking Dead and Once Upon a Time, successful new shows The Flash and How to Get Away With Murder, and some unpopular shows like Taxi Brooklyn and The Hotwives of Orlando. There may just be a little bit of something for everyone.

I can't go into elaborate detail with every show as there's so much to cover. I wish I could as I have so much to say about each and every one but instead I just had to snapshot some of my thoughts. Hope you guys enjoy and let me know what shows you're watching this season and how you've enjoyed them (or haven't enjoyed them) in the comments.

Note: You can CTRL+F to find a show. I may not watch a show you're looking for but there's a good chance I am. Sorry this mid-season review is so big but hopefully that shortcut will help you navigate.

ABC - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Status: On Hiatus - Returns March 3, 2015

The sophomore season of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has had, in my opinion, a pretty rocky start to Season 2. With strings of "okay" episodes, so far out of the ten that have aired so far, there were only a couple of episodes that made an impression on me. I enjoyed the fact that they had Ward locked up and it got pretty exciting when he escaped, pitting the team against him after he was one of their own last season until his betrayal. I felt sorry for Fitz in the beginning and while I still do, I've gradually gotten less and less bothered by his story. Simmons being in Hydra was a great little part of Season 2A and I enjoyed when she was working that side to get information. I like the new characters and Kyle MacLachlan as Skye's father. He does a wonderful job. I will admit that the show started getting better towards the end of its 2A run. The mid-season finale was intense and exciting, something that was missing from a lot of the earlier episodes this season, and the ending was pretty mind-blowing. I am looking forward to its return now, but if it hadn't of had that ending to episode ten, then I don't think I'd be as excited for it coming back in March.

Best Episode: "What They Become"

ABC - The Goldbergs
Status: On Hiatus - Returns January 7, 2015

The Goldbergs was my favourite new comedy last year (and I enjoyed Trophy Wife) so I was very glad the show got renewed AND got moved to Wednesdays at 8:30. I do have a love for this show. It's very easy to be taken in by the Goldbergs and I adore Wendi McLendon-Covey's portrayal as Beverly. It's easy to say she makes every episode funny. That's not to say the other characters aren't as funny, they are and they each bring something different to the show, but Beverly just sells it. I also love it when they swear and it gets bleeped out. Beverly has such a potty mouth though to be fair, some of the other characters are starting to do it too. I like when they include some minor characters in too that randomly appear every so often so it's nice to have that recurring familiarity. I'm hoping this show lasts a long time.

Best Episode: "Mama Drama"

ABC - Grey's Anatomy
Status: On Hiatus - Returns January 29, 2015

Grey's Anatomy will be ten years old on March 27, 2015. Besides CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (which I'm behind on), it will be the oldest show I regularly watch. I think that's incredible. I still enjoy the show even though it's long passed its prime. I think the last great season of the show was maybe season eight. I do miss Cristina Yang and her absence can be felt in the first eight episodes of season eleven. The introduction of yet another sister of Meredith isn't exactly the storyline I wanted but it does give Ellen Pompeo some good material to work with acting-wise. It also gives Richard something to do too and it will be interesting to see where it leads. I do love the tension between Meredith and Derek though at times it has annoyed me. And by annoyed, I mean Derek has annoyed me. The Callie/Arizona relationship is also falling apart though troubles with that pairing has long been happening ever since the plane crash. I do wish they'd stop their random fighting but I guess they do need the drama. I thought April was sorely underused until the mid-season finale when it turned out there's something wrong with her baby. I do not want to see her reaction when she finds out. Oh and I love Geena Davis! I was a big fan of Private Practice too so Amelia Shepherd is a welcome addition to the cast too.

Best Episode: "Could We Start Again, Please?"

ABC - How to Get Away With Murder
Status: On Hiatus - Returns January 29, 2015

Oh ABC, how you do deliver us some of the best new shows. I know a lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon for this show but I'm a long-time fan of Shonda Rhimes productions (including The Princess Diaries: Royal Engagement) so to have yet another show I love come from that woman is remarkable. She really is ABC's golden goose at the minute. I wasn't sure I'd get away with the show at first (I didn't even realise that pun until I went back over this article before hitting publish) but after a solid premiere and some very interesting developments, I was hooked. A few people I have spoken to saw that twist coming at the end of the mid-season finale. I didn't. That line - "don't be" - came from nowhere and I had my mouth open for so long I feared my jaw locked into that position. It's going to make the final six episodes of the season all the more intense and exciting. And saying that, I can't imagine what's going to happen going forward now. We've seen all the "flashforwards" to that night they killed Sam now, so I'm assuming we don't need to see what else happened so now I'm just far too intrigued and invested now. Bring it on Shonda. Bring. It. On!

Best Episode: "Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me"

ABC - Mistresses
Status: On Hiatus - Season 3 Begins Summer 2015

The second season of Mistresses aired this summer and I began reviewing the show from episode nine for SpoilerTV when I joined the site in August (be sure to check them out if you haven't already). Mistresses is the perfect little summer show and the second season continued that. It's nowhere near the sheer perfection of one of my all-time favourite dramedies, Desperate Housewives, but I do like a lot of the storylines and developments that happen on the show. It's like a discount version of Desperate Housewives. The characters can be enjoyable though in this season, Savi (played by Alyssa Milano) was on the backburner due to her pregnancy. It makes it all the more devastating that she will not be returning for the third season where she could have had a bigger presence and returned back to top form. Dammit! I was so hoping for a Season 3 and when I got it, I was overjoyed. Now? Not so much. I do want to see what happens next with Joss and Harry as I have conflicting emotions about that couple even though they can be so cute together and find they have great chemistry, I just wanted to see Savi's reaction to it. Karen had more of a juicy storyline this season while April had a half-decent one, but her situation definitely heated up by the end when her daughter found out her father was really alive all this time - a secret April had been keeping. Season 2 has set some big things in motion for Season 3 so I hope, even with Savi's absence, the show will keep up the momentum.

Best Episode: "Til Death Do Us Part"

ABC - Modern Family
Status: On Hiatus - Returns January 7, 2015

Modern Family, now in its sixth season, still has its moments of sheer brilliance but they come few and far between. I think the show has gotten to the point now where even I could write an episode from start to finish and get every character down to a T with similar comedic moments and reactions from the cast. I'm not saying the show is bad or anything, but I think it's harder now for Modern Family to break out again. I still enjoy watching the characters and I'll continue watching the show for years to come, but so far there are better comedies on air that probably deserve to do better than this show.

Best Episode: "Queer Eyes, Full Hearts"

ABC - Once Upon a Time
Status: On Hiatus - Returns March 1, 2015

Everybody, I love Once Upon a Time. Have done since the day it premiered. For the Best Shows of 2014 post, I put Once Upon a Time as my top choice. I loved the introduction of the Wicked Witch of the West in Season 3B, and man did I hyperventilate when Elsa rose from the urn at the end of season three, promising a very Frozen season four. Everybody, I love Frozen. I am a huge fan of Disney Animated Features despite being a 22-year-old male. So Once Upon a Time is basically my ideal show. Yes, the show has its faults but it answers some of my prayers every year by incorporating some of my favourite characters in film history and giving them new life. I wasn't disappointed by the Frozen-arc, not one bit. I thought it was done very well and I adore how they included the Snow Queen, played deliciously by Elizabeth Mitchell who, let's face it, she is the Queen of TV by now. The penultimate episode of the season had me choking on sad tears and laughter. The Snow Queen's sacrifice gave me a huge lump in my throat (and not the good kind) and was the first time in a long time a television show episode made me feel that. I am totally looking forward to 4B after the Queens of Darkness were introduced in the mid-season finale which wasn't as exciting as the episode before but still had some amazing developments, for example, Rumbelle. Need I say more there?

Best Episode: "Shattered Sight"

ABC - Revenge
Status: On Hiatus - Returns January 4, 2015

Sunday nights are sheer perfection for me. Networks jam-pack some of their best television shows on an already hectic night just to make viewing them all the more harder for me. Say what you want to say about Revenge, how it's a shadow of its former season-one-self, but I love Revenge more than ever and I thought the show's third season was a remarkable season that I prefer over the first. Season four, to me, is off to a great start and has been exciting me since the premiere. I do think the whole David Clarke being alive thing was a desperate grab for a storyline BUT I am glad it happened now we have half the season done. They made it plausable to have happened and it has shaken up the dynamic of the show so much now. As always, the Emily versus Victoria parts of the show are truly glorious as they battle over David. Emily keeping her real identity as Amanda secret was so exciting and it built up to the point where she couldn't hide it anymore and it was a moment I had been waiting for for a long time. Emily seeing her father alive was a moment I had been waiting to see for a very long time. The actors have stepped up their skills and you may think I'm easily entertained (and that could be true) but I still think the show is at the top of its game. I'm so excited for what's coming.

Best Episode: "Atonement"

ABC - Scandal
Status: On Hiatus - Returns January 29, 2015

Like a lot of people, I wasn't sure about Scandal until mid-way season two and boy was I glad to have watched this show by the time season three aired. I love that they've made the show more into a political thriller though Olivia still remains in the centre as all of the other characters revolve around her. There were several parts of the season so far that I have enjoyed so much. I loved the kill cards thing, and when Quinn found hers after sleeping with Charlie and that fight after. Even though we didn't see it all, it was just a hilarious situation when they just sit after talking. The humour on the show has stepped up. I also liked the 'smelly Mellie' saga as it was totally understandable after the murder of hers and Fitz's son in the season three finale. Olivia's parents are totally unpredictable and I was pretty shocked by the way things happened in the last few episodes between Olivia and her father. Also, Abby is an unsung hero. I have loved her so far and I hope they keep this up. As for the Fitz/Olivia/Jake triangle, I couldn't care less. I could actually do without that whole mess and would love it if they focused things on everything else.

Best Episode: "The Last Supper"

ABC / Hulu - Selfie
Status: Cancelled - Next New Episode December 23 on Hulu

I have to admit, this show is cute and a total guilty pleasure. I really didn't think I'd be so taken by the show when it first premiered but I was wrong. I think they could have done more with some of the secondary characters in the earlier episodes but I've been pleasantly surprised at more of their involvment in the more recent episodes. I have really enjoyed the Eliza and Henry relationship so far and I think they've got electric chemistry. I'm not sure if I really want that to develop into a romantic relationship as it's so refreshing to have a girl-boy pairing that's totally platonic (though Sleepy Hollow is another of those instances) but I guess since the show is coming to an end, if they do end up getting romantic, then I'm all for it. I just love their friendship. And the true gem of the show is Charmonique who has delivered some of the funniest moments. Recently, the fight(s) between her and Bryn in episode ten were hilarious. You didn't see them happen, just after when they'd both gradually look more and more beat up but then they trigger another fight and the cycle continued. Plus, Karen Gillan's performance of 'Chandelier' in episode ten was amazing.

Best Episode: "Imperfect Harmony"

ABC Family - Chasing Life
Status: On Hiatus - Returning January 19, 2015

I decided to watch this show after the first ten episodes aired so I could have a full Chasing Life marathon with no breaks. It really makes me enjoy a show so much more when I can do that. I have been a fan of a lot of shows on ABC Family (including Make It or Break It, The Lying Game, 10 Things I Hate About You, State of Georgia, etc.) but I was reluctant to begin a new show after the string of first-season cancellations from the network. While Chasing Life isn't quite the mega-amazing show I found Pretty Little Liars to be in its early seasons, the show is still off to a great start. Fortunately season one has a full episode order and a season two is in the works so there's no risk of early cancellation anytime soon. I like how we are seeing someone young and pretty much normal deal with cancer (as the only shows I watched that deal with that storyline have involved older people, but here we see it can happen to just about anyone) so the writing of the show had to be top notch to sell it. It has been and the first half of the season has slowly built. Not only do I enjoy watching April deal with her disease (which sounds awful I know) but I love the fact that her younger sister is dealing with her sexuality. I loved Brenna and Greer's relationship - Greer was a really positive influence on her. I hope we see more from that in the second half. The Christmas episode was also good but not brilliant, yet I'm still looking forward to 1B and more of April and Leo (I don't like Dominic so even though April pined over him originally, I really hope they don't get back together).

Best Episode: "Finding Chemo"

ABC Family - Mystery Girls
Status: Cancelled

I know exactly what you are thinking. Seriously? Are you kidding? This show?! What can I say, I do sample a lot of shows and while this show wasn't particularly good or anything, there was just something that kept me watching. It was only ten episodes and the episodes were short and the guy who played the detective was bloody hot (Ryan McPartlin) so I just suffered through it. It aired during the summer when I don't have as much to watch so I just watched it. Sue me. There was some entertainment to be had here despite it being completely cheesy. It is one of my least favourite shows that I've ever watched but it's over and done with now, no going back. Judge me all you want.

Best Episode: "Sister Issues"

ABC Family - Pretty Little Liars
Status: On Hiatus - Returning January 6, 2015

It's so hard to follow this show now but I still do. There have been so many red herrings and false leads that I am starting to question whether I'm 'A' but there is still something to take from Pretty Little Liars. I enjoy it. The show isn't as great as it used to be but it's still nowhere near terrible. Season five has been my least favourite season so far but that's just because I've preferred the first four seasons, nothing against the current season though it could be better. I like that Alison is now back in Rosewood and things have been heating up, it was just a slow start and then we'd have some excitement, then boredom again. The mid-season finale did go all out which is something I love as the show really can do mid-season finales right. I was totally devastated by Mona's death. I was crushed. I really hope the show can continue to be exciting in 5B but we still have another two and a half seasons to go before the series finale but I want the show to stop its red herrings and just provide some answers. Super annoying. As a bonus though, I'm going to be taking over reviewing this show when the show returns January 6. Be sure to check out my reviews if you're a fan of the show. I have so many thoughts and opinions on the show and can't wait to begin sharing them. I'm still a pretty little liar for life!

Best Episode: "Taking This One to the Grave"

AMC - The Walking Dead
Status: On Hiatus - Returning February 8, 2015

The Walking Dead has fast become one of my favourite shows of all-time. I truly believe we have one of the best casts on television at the moment (with Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride etc.) and while this show really should have been a zombie slasher by its premise, it is so much more than that. These characters really drive the narrative and action and it makes it all the more heartbreaking when we have to say goodbye to a character. So so sad. And so annoying too. Like I am so annoyed at Beth's death. That scenario could have went so many different ways had Beth just thought about what she was doing and realised her sister was so damn close! I wanted the Greene reunion more than you'd ever know, but I was robbed of that. Season 5A has been good, with one of my favourite premieres of the show. Carol was bad-ass! The Hunters were dispatched of quickly but the whole thing with Bob and the Church showdown was great. I've liked the church, and I was really excited by the Grady Memorial Hospital storyline at the beginning. Having said that, I'm still glad we had that location and Dawn was a very complex baddie. I know The Walking Dead will still deliver for 5B so I'm excited for its return on February 8.

Best Episode: "No Sanctuary"

CBS - 2 Broke Girls
Status: On Hiatus - Returning January 5, 2015

I review this show currently for SpoilerTV so check out my reviews, the latest was the Christmas episode. I think 2 Broke Girls is one of my favourite current comedies, I absolutely love Max and Caroline. The dirty jokes and humour in the show is what really makes this a funny show. Sophie and Oleg are great comedic characters because of that: Oleg must be the dirtiest character I've ever seen on a network comedy. I just adore Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs as they are both ideal leading ladies that can really carry a stellar cast of comedic characters. And Jennifer Coolidge has the perfect comedic timing too. Man, I just love this show.

Best Episode: "And the Loan for Christmas"

CBS - The Big Bang Theory
Status: On Hiatus - Returning January 8, 2015

I find The Big Bang Theory like Modern Family these days. Can't fault the acting and it's still an enjoyable show, but it's not what it used to be. Having said that, I enjoy The Big Bang Theory more than I do Modern Family and I still have a lot of faith in this show. Sheldon Cooper is still delightful and my God, my heart always melts when he gets close to Amy. Amy is probably the underdog of this show and I really think she's becoming a highlight of these episodes now. I've always enjoyed Penny too but what the hell happened to Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting's hair? It looks good in real life when she's attending events and she has it all waxed up and stuff, but it's always so flat and lifeless in the show. I prefer her long hair. What drove her to cut it when she was glorious before? Never mind, I'm starting to get used to it. Still a show with great moments but now I think I'm watching the show out of habit rather than look forward to each episode.

Best Episode: "The Prom Equivalency"

CBS - Mike and Molly
Status: Currently Airing - Next New Episode December 22

Based on two episodes so far, I can't really make a conclusion about Mike and Molly's fifth season so far but I have been liking it so far. It isn't brilliant but I've never found the show to be brilliant anyway. I've enjoyed certain aspects of the show but it's never been the breakout comedy for me. I've always loved Victoria but she has really been reduced to the screentime of a guest star. As an author myself, I have been liking the incorporation of Molly wanting to be a writer and the development of that so far this season with her publishing deal. I find that awesome. I enjoyed season four more than season three so I am hoping the show continues its upward momentum.

Best Episode: "The Book of Molly"

CBS - Mom
Status: On Hiatus - Returning January 8, 2015

Okay, I am loving Mom this season. I actually think it might be my favourite comedy so far this season. I really wasn't expecting it to be but it's made me laugh so many times already and has had some great development of its characters and locations. It's probably heavier than any other network comedy at the minute with some serious storylines, especially in the last episode that aired, but it's able to balance it with some truly hilarious moments that are mainly provided by the genius Allison Janney as Bonnie. Anna Faris is also great in her role but Allison overshadows everybody. Her award nominations for the show are completely deserved. Now this is a comedy I look forward to watching, and I'm still surprised by saying that.

Best Episode: "Forged Resumes and the Recommended Dosage"

CBS - Scorpion
Status: On Hiatus - Returning January 5, 2015

I loved the premiere. Right off the bat we were thrust into the action and I always remember when Walter and Paige are driving in the airport as the plane descends. Great moment. The show has had some great moments since too and I always enjoy the time-sensitive cases they get. The cases are pretty unique and different from the usual procedural that CBS is famous for. I love that the characters are different to other characters in television shows, and we have the balance from the super-smart characters to Paige, who acts as the normal person to help us, the viewer, decipher the situation. I think I'd like to see Walter and Paige get together as Walter isn't perfect but you can tell he's trying to be a better person with Paige's help. I'd love to be in this team. The most recent episode was very enjoyable too. Sometimes the cases make me panic and I kind of panicked in the last one.

Best Episode: "Pilot"

CBS - Stalker
Status: On Hiatus - Returning January 14, 2015

Stalker is as if The Following was made into a procedural rather than an on-going storyline. The pilot reminded me of The Following's pilot in a way. You could tell this show was from Kevin Williamson. I am rather enjoying this show too with every episode opening up like a mini horror movie. It still irks me that the only person to die in an opening so far was Torrey DeVito in the pilot. It was a great opening though but we need more deadly cases, they've felt kind of tame compared to that. I do love the recurring stalker of Perry and his obsession with Beth. I'm a big fan of Maggie Q since Nikita so I'm glad she's taken the lead here as she does it with ease. I am very interested in her character (not in a stalker-ish way) and what exactly happened in her past, and I mean full details not a brief overview. This show has me intrigued. Also nice to see Mariana Klaveno as a good guy after True Blood and Devious Maids made her look like quite the bitch. Love her.

Best Episode: "Fanatic"

CBS - Under the Dome
Status: On Hiatus - Season 3 Begins Summer 2015

I loved the show's first season. Season two? Not so much. It started off great with an episode penned by Stephen King (one of my all-time favourite authors) but I guess killing off two main female likeable characters in the very first episode of the season kind of dented the feel of the show later on, even though their deaths were shocking and elevated the seriousness of the situation in the premiere. Not to say the second season was completely bad. It wasn't. It had some glorious moments and I enjoyed some of the twists and turns but I think the writers decided to crank the show from "sci-fi" to "random crazy shit" in the space of a couple of episodes. Things did turn up a notch in the last four episodes which I enjoyed so I am going to watch season three, but the middle was so bitter. I just didn't know what the hell the show wanted to do.

Best Episode: "Heads Will Roll"

The CW - Arrow
Status: On Hiatus - Returning January 21, 2015

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. I'm still recovering from that mid-season finale. How? Just how? That's what I keep asking when we all know Oliver Queen isn't dead but how could he have survived being mortally stabbed and pushed off a mountain? I know Oliver was probably thinking "oh I'm the main character so I'm going to live through everything" but I was actually surprised that he sucked at fighting Ra and then that happened. It is so far the most surprising thing to happen in a TV show I've watched this year. Felicity is still amazing, yay! I think she deserves someone who will treat her right as she is awesome. I was also shocked they'd kill Sara in the premiere and I was so shocked to find out it was Thea! Sure it wasn't really her as she was basically hypnotised but still! Arrow has been full of shocks in 3A so 3B better deliver. I'm excited to see Laurel progress too as she seeks vengeance but when she finds out Sara's killer is Thea (and Malcolm indirectly) I can't imagine what will happen.

Best Episode: "The Climb"

The CW - The Flash
Status: On Hiatus - Returning January 20, 2015

Superhero shows are fast becoming a thing and thanks to The Flash, the genre hasn't become boring at all. In fact, it makes me want more but without saturating the genre. The Flash beats How to Get Away With Murder as my favourite new show this year. I am loving the cast of characters involved and I love that Barry hasn't kept his secret identity very secret from his friends. Unlike Smallville (which took years for Clark to come out) and Arrow (didn't take as long as Smallville for many people to find Oliver out), there are literally only two of Barry's friends who don't know he's the Flash - Iris and Eddie and we're only nine episodes in. Keeping your identity hidden has become a huge burden for characters and we saw that with Clark Kent so Iris may end up finding out by the end of the season. I have been loving the different kinds of meta-humans on the show so far and the possibilities are endless. Harrison Wells is so intriguing that I can't wait to find out more about what the hell he's up to. The first half of the season was a great rollercoaster ride with a fantastic Arrow crossover. More of this amazingness in 1B please.

Best Episode: "The Man in the Yellow Suit"

The CW - Reign
Status: On Hiatus - Returning January 22, 2015

Reign is having a great second season so far. Yeah some of it has been pretty outrageous with ghosts and whatnot, but part of the reason why I enjoy this historical drama so much is that it pushes those boundaries between reality and fantasy and gives us an incredibly entertaining show. The premiere with the Plague was exciting and set up some developments that had ramifications on the characters (especially Mary as she ended up trapping somebody with Plague victims and bringing upon the royals the wrath of Narcisse). The tensions rising between the Catholics and the Protestants has been a good storyline too, one that has torn Francis and caused rifts between him and Mary. If I was Mary, I would have dumped his ass long ago but she's so loyal. I love it when Mary partners up with Queen Catherine, I mean remember when they pretended to be peasants at the inn when their carriage got robbed? Priceless. But the show has taken such a dark turn too with Mary's rape. It got quite the controversial response but I think it was handled very well (and acted brilliantly by Adelaide Kane). I'm loving the season so far so I look forward to 2B.

Best Episode: "The Plague"

FOX - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Status: On Hiatus - Returning January 4, 2015

An underdog comedy with some of the best comedy characters on television at the moment. I especially love Gina. Seriously, her comments and the way she delivers them are comedy gold. In fact, I strive to be just like her. She's just fearless and doesn't care what anybody thinks of her, though she usually has her own opinion of herself. I think the show has stepped up since last season and there have been some gems in this season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I was worried for the show last season when ratings weren't all that great (even after airing after the Super Bowl) but I'm glad FOX sees something in this show too and gave it a Sunday timeslot between The Simpsons and Family Guy.

Best Episode: "Halloween II"

FOX - Gotham
Status: On Hiatus - Returning January 5, 2015

This show is a truly different take on the Batman story and I'm really enjoying it. Not my favourite show this season but it has been interesting nonetheless. I'm loving the portrayal of Fish Mooney by Jada Pinkett Smith and Oswald "Penguin" Cobblepot by Robin Lord Taylor. When those two share a scene together, to me, it's magic. Ben McKenzie does a good job playing the lead character, a true good guy you can root for though is often overshadowed by the more complex and entertaining characters of the show. I hope we see more of the pasts of these characters as I've been taken in by the conflicts in Gotham. And Edward Nygma freaks me out to be honest - that's a great thing. I don't know how to take half of these characters. I don't think this show has had a brilliant episode yet but I've been entertained so that's all I can ask for this early in the game.

Best Episode: "Penguin's Umbrella"

FOX - Gracepoint
Status: Cancelled

I never watched Broadchurch, the show that Gracepoint is based on so I can't make comparisons and I never did during the show's run. I was absorbed in the mystery of this boy's death and I thought the show had some shining moments. One of the most memorable was when Susan told Kathy "I know men who'd rape you". I was totally shocked by that. I have to admit I only wanted to watch the show for David Tennant and Anna Gunn as I love both and they both did an incredible job here. I was disappointed by the end though. The way Danny died was totally idiotic really and it could have been a better and more intriguing death after all that build-up. The ending was interesting though and I would have liked to have seen what happened next but I'm not sorry this show wasn't picked up for a second season.

Best Episode: "Episode Ten" (Even though the mystery's ending disappointed me, Anna Gunn totally made this episode after she found out about her husband, chills.)

FOX - Red Band Society
Status: Cancelled

This is another show I won't really miss. It was a nice little show and it was very charming, but admittedly it didn't grab my attention throughout its brief run. There is still three more episodes to watch but I have no idea when they will be released and I'm not too bothered at the minute (as you can see I have plenty to watch) but I would like some resolution. I did like the characters so I want to know they'll be okay. Things did start getting more interesting by the end and the performances by the young actors were remarkable. I'm a big fan of Octavia Spencer and I really wanted this show to do well for her but I guess she's going to have to find something else that I watch to star in. I'd very much like her to return to Mom. I liked Dave Annable from Brothers & Sisters and 666 Park Avenue too. Bless him, he can't catch a break anymore, can he? It was a good little show.

Best Episode: "What I Did For Love"

FOX - Sleepy Hollow
Status: On Hiatus - Returning January 5, 2015

"Season one is much better". I can agree. Sure it was. But I am loving season two so far too. It hasn't been as good but I tend to let sophomore seasons off the hook for that (unless it really stinks) but I always, always enjoy an episode of Sleepy Hollow. It doesn't matter if it's a filler episode or one that deals with the ongoing arc, I just adore this show. The characters are fantastic. The chemistry between Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills is so compelling. I love it when Ichabod is challenged my the twenty-first century and we see him playing with modern technology. I especially loved when he and Katrina were watching and discussing The Bachelor. Tom Mison is just a delight. I always love a good apocalypse storyline and I'm hoping we see some badass Katrina in 2B. It was also nice to get some more backstory to Abbie's mother. John Noble is terrific, absolutely amazing in this as I have loved him since Fringe. The mid-season finale was epic and I cannot wait to rewatch it. Bring on January 5.

Best Episode: "The Akeda"

FX - American Horror Story: Freak Show
Status: On Hiatus - Returning January 7, 2015

Is this season not over yet? Sigh. I've actually never been bored with a season of this show yet but wow Freak Show has been so boring to me. While there have been great moments, I am absolutely missing the horror and I just want to be scared. I don't care about these characters at all if I'm honest. Usually I get invested in them but that hasn't happened this season. It's fine to have characters be likeable but I was hoping the "freaks" would be scarier or something. Twisty the Clown was perfect for the horror aspect but he was despatched pretty quickly. The premiere was promising. I'm just bored with this season now. The only characters I really felt anything for were Ma Petite (because she was so adorable) and Pepper (the last episode was heartbreaking discovering her backstory). Usually I love Jessica Lange but Elsa is just a carbon copy of her past characters that I feel there is nothing new here. Same goes for Evan Peters. This show needs a major shake-up, maybe get rid of some of the recurring cast members because I'm just not feeling this anymore. Give me a scarier storyline. Give me a villain who isn't as hot as Dandy because even though he's psychotic, I can't take him seriously. I loved the last episode's ending with the Asylum connection and Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe) but I've been let down by this season.

Best Episode: "Monsters Among Us"

FX - The Strain
Status: On Hiatus - Season 2 Begins Summer 2015

This is probably my favourite new cable show this year. The pilot felt like a thrilling movie and it made me glad this wasn't made into a movie as there is so much the show explores to this mythology of these ancient creatures. I was on the egde of my seat a few times and I love the whole take on these creatures. I was shocked by Samwise's, I mean Jim Kent's (Sean Astin) death. The show is sort of like the demonic spawn of The Walking Dead and True Blood. There is some dark humour to be had here too but so far I'm taken by the tension of this show. Corey Stoll does a great job leading the show and I hope we get some more interesting characters. I can't wait to see where this pandemic takes them. Just how much worse can it get? Plus, the Master is pretty ugly. Good luck defeating him!

Best Episode: "The Master"

HBO - The Leftovers
Status: On Hiatus - Season 2 Begins Summer 2015

I did not like this show to begin with. I was kind of bored by it and I was seriously questioning why the hell I was watching. But it was strange. I kept watching. I don't know why but I did. I'd say to myself "okay after this episode I'm going to drop this show", but I never did, and by the end I kinda enjoyed it. It was so intriguing and I was attracted to this somehow. If anybody can explain why I felt this, please let me know because I don't think I've ever stuck through a show that initially bored me to then grow into something I enjoyed. The finale was really good and makes me need to watch season two. I hope now I've gotten into the show that season two will be more consistant. I can't begin to explain what's happened so far so I'll leave it at that, but man this is bizarre.

Best Episode: "The Prodigal Son Returns"

HBO - True Blood
Status: Ended August 2014

I feel like crying when I remember how the show's final season developed. Sookie had the right idea by crying blood in the poster as that's what I think a lot of fans felt watching the final ten episodes. I love the show, I'm a Trubie to the end, but I'm still allowed to feel like the final season just wasn't that good. I thought season six improved over season five so I was hoping season seven would continue that momentum, and the idea of the Hep-V virus was inspired but the execution was such a let down. Things annoyed me this season. They killed Tara in the opening minutes, which was an exciting opener I must admit but the overall season suffered for it. They killed Alcide for absolutely no reason even though I wasn't the biggest fan of him anyway. Bill killed himself when he refused the cure. Sookie had the right idea of slapping him. There were moments I enjoyed in this season as it wasn't totally hopeless and there were some beautiful moments, but I was a huge fan of the show's first four seasons, I felt like I deserved more. Sookie is still one of my favourite heroines and I'll miss a lot of the characters - Eric, Pam, Jason, Arlene etc. - but they needed a better send-off for such a defining show.

Best Episode: "Death Is Not the End"

Hulu - The Hotwives of Orlando
Status: Unknown

This was such a guilty pleasure. I bet nobody here has seen this show but I was so drawn in by the silly comedy. A parody of the Real Housewives series, I love how the melodramatic characters are parodied in this. Seriously, this has some very stupid comedic moments that I couldn't help but laugh at. This included a seance with The Big Bang Theory's Bernadette as the "Ghost Shouter", Kate Walsh as a real estate agent who shows one of the Hotwives a tent as a potential living space when she falls on hard times, a fight between two of them as they prove which one of them is more of a whore, and meetings with each other to discuss how they weren't going to be friends anymore. I don't even know why I watched this show and how I came across it but it was good fun and I hope to see more. Plus I love Phe-Phe ("I'm just being Phe-Phe").

Best Episode: "Say You Seance"

ITV / PBS - Downton Abbey
Status: Christmas Special airing December 25 on ITV, Season 5 Begins January 4 on PBS

Was I the only person who began watching Downton Abbey for the sole reason of being able to say "Did you catch the latest episode of Downton Abbey? Oh wasn't it marvellous?!" in conversation and sound posh? Just me? I must admit not a great deal happens anymore and it pretty much proves it when I'm doing this mid-season review and I can't really remember a great deal from Season 5. I do remember the Anna and Mr. Bates murder-mystery saga whether Mr. Bates really killed Anna's rapist or not. I kind of got annoyed by the end of the season when the detectives kept asking questions randomly. Despite not much happening, I still look forward to each episode and the end of season five will lead to some interesting developments now Anna has been arrested. The fire in the premiere wasn't a great big deal as it could have been but still injected a little bit of excitement in this almost anaemic show.

Best Episode: "Episode Eight"

Lifetime - Witches of East End
Status: Cancelled

Grrrrrrrr. I am still furious over this cancellation. If you guys know me, you'll know I've been a big advocate trying to get this show renewed. Still no news but I'm still hopeful. Anyway, onto the mini review, I really thoroughly enjoyed the sophomore season of Witches of East End. What was fast becoming my favourite show of the season, the show really notched up the crazy and delivered some fantastic entertainment in its thirteen episodes. Beginning with a fantastically sexy promo with Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People", the show promised to be darker this season. It really was. I still can't get over that scene where Joanna and Wendy found Ingrid and Freya hanging from the tree. Oh man I'm picturing it now and I quickly turned cold. The writing improved over season one where the show tried to find its footing and the result was a very comfortable and mesmoring second season. That finale. That goodness-gracious-finale. Those cliffhangers. Lifetime ended the show on those cliffhangers. No! Wendy!!

Best Episode: "Smells Like King Spirit"

MTV - Teen Wolf
Status: On Hiatus - Season 5 Begins Summer 2015

Teen Wolf has been such a treat! I didn't enjoy season four as much as I did season three but I think that's because I miss Allison. I still can't believe she died. Season four introduced this Benefactor storyline complete with a hitlist that our heroes and heroines are on because, well, everybody is a supernatural creature in some way, shape and form. Wasn't sure I'd enjoy the season at the beginning but it got interesting. I liked the new character Liam too. Dylan Sprayberry does a great job as the newbie and I like the cast a lot. I've always loved Lydia and it was good to see her take charge in some parts. The female characters bounce well off the male characters and we have this overall chemistry between everyone. Season four was good, but not great, so I hope season five is better.

Best Episode: "Smoke and Mirrors"

NBC - Bad Judge
Status: Cancelled - New Episodes Beginning January 1, 2015

I began reviewing this show for SpoilerTV and my first official post on this site was the advanced preview of the original pilot, which I really enjoyed. But then they changed the format of the show and I didn't enjoy it as much. I dropped reviewing the show after episode four but I kept watching and funnily enough, after I dropped reviewing the show, Bad Judge actually got better. In fact, episode five is my favourite of the show so far so that was a big slap in the face after episode four was my last review. I kind of kicked myself for that. The first few episodes were clunky and I wasn't convinced until around episode five or six where I started to get the characters' humour. There would always be random funny moments sprinkled here and there but I think the show has finally found its footing. I really enjoy Judy actually. She's not a big player in the show but when she appears, she's usually pretty funny. I enjoy the wacky court cases too. So much potential was here but I think it just needed better material, and as always, I love Kate Walsh.

Best Episode: "Judge and Jury"

NBC - Marry Me
Status: On Hiatus - Returning January 6, 2015

Loved the Pilot. I thought it was pretty charming and the characters were pretty funny, especially Carey Wilson as Annie. A couple more episodes were good, but I've found a lot of them so far to be really boring and hardly funny. I can tell Marry Me is one of those shows that will either have a really funny episode, or a really unfunny episode, nothing between. John Gamberling as Gil is a treat and the other characters can be funny when they want to be but overall, not the best. Ken Marino as Jake can be pretty unwatchable and I don't find him very funny. He's handsome and he has a good thing with Annie but not impressed. I'm going to stick through the season as I doubt the show will get renewed but this will be another comedy that I won't miss when it goes.

Best Episode: "Pilot"

NBC - The Mysteries of Laura
Status: On Hiatus - Returning January 7, 2015

Usually when I go into a show with low expectations, I am pleasantly surprised by the result. The same goes for The Mysteries of Laura. I didn't expect much especially when people gave the pilot a bad rating. I've been sucked in. I find the show entertaining and charming. It balances comedy pretty well with the detective parts of the episodes. It feels really different from the usual show of this kind and I really like it. I don't love it yet, but I really like it. Laura is a pretty unique leading lady in a crime drama. It doesn't bore me. Some of the cases so far have been interesting. It hasn't blown my socks off yet but it's getting there. I was pretty teary-eyed at the end of the last episode when Laura revealed she had a miscarriage once. It proves this show can also handle the heavy emotional storylines too. Debra Messing is just a Goddess.

Best Episode: "The Mystery of the Fertility Fatality"

NBC - The Night Shift
Status: On Hiatus - Season 2 Begins February 23, 2015

I was totally against this show before it premiered. Don't ask me why but I couldn't deal with another medical drama. However, despite some melodramatic storylines, the first season of The Night Shift was surprisingly thrilling. The characters have personalities and they bounce off each other very well. A lot of familiar faces in this one too. This show covers some "big" storylines that took Grey's Anatomy a few seasons to tackle, meaning The Night Shift goes all out straight away, probably to hook viewers from the get-go to ensure no early cancellation. We have a storm, a hostage, shoot-outs, a closet gay character, a blackout and more. I can't complain too much though as it did make the 8-episode short season a joy to watch. Looking forward to more bunny-boiling storylines in season two.

Best Episode: "Save Me"

NBC - State of Affairs
Status: Currently Airing - Next New Episode December 22

I'm a fan of Katherine Heigl. Following the Grey's Anatomy debacle, it's nice to have her back on my TV. I love Alfre Woodard too, especially her performance as Betty Applewhite in Desperate Housewives almost ten years ago! She hasn't aged a day. The two of them together are making magic. I loved the pilot, but I found the following episodes to be fairly boring. However, episode five, the latest episode, was actually getting better and the show might just be on an upward swing. Episode six promises to be an exciting episode too. I'm not totally convinced by the characters yet, I need more time to grow to like them but I don't know a whole lot about them yet, especially the supporting characters. In fact, I can't even remember their names at this point. They need some memorable characters or just inject some life into them. I do believe the show has potential and it is starting to take off.

Best Episode: "Pilot"

NBC - Taxi Brooklyn
Status: Unknown

This is another show I have no idea how I stumbled upon. I love Chyler Leigh from Grey's Anatomy so maybe I saw her in it and decided to watch it? I dunno. I had never seen the film Taxi that this show is based on and I have no idea if NBC is renewing this show or not but it was a very good little summer show. Chyler gives a great performance as Cat and we have another great non-romantic pairing with her and Jacky Ido's Leo. I liked the storyline of Cat trying to find out what really happened with her father who also worked in the police force and I wasn't really expecting certain developments that happened by the end. I also enjoyed the episode where the characters were trapped in the police precinct during a blackout with criminals on the outside threatening them. Like a lot of new shows, it took a little while to get going but it was a pleasant watch. Would like to see a season two.

Best Episode: "The Longest Night"

Netflix - Hemlock Grove
Status: On Hiatus - Final Season to Begin Summer 2015

It took me ten episodes to get into the first season of Hemlock Grove and the show gave us a fantastic end to season one. I had high hopes for season two but the season kind of disappointed me. The mythology was barely explored and it just felt like half of the writing was last minute. I wanted more of the creatures, not drama with a new girl. I do admit though that things did get interesting, especially with Roman's baby. Overall though, not convinced. I was glad that season three was announced to be the final season. I didn't want season two to be the last but I don't think I'd want more than three seasons, so I'm glad they're going to wrap things up. Let's get more creature stuff in this final season, shall we?

Best Episode: "Demons and the Dogstar"

Netflix - Orange is the New Black
Status: On Hiatus - Season 3 to Begin June 2015

Good news everyone, I'm going to be reviewing Orange is the New Black for season three on SpoilerTV when it returns. Woohoo! Totally excited for this to return, especially after the great second season. And what a great second season it was. I thorougly enjoy this show so much. The characters are totally insane but in a way that's watchable and makes this show a truly unique experience. The last prison show I watched was Bad Girls so I like how different this show is compared to other shows right now. Season two was great with the introduction of Vee. She was evil!! Was glad she got her commupence. I really missed Alex Vause in season two though, I was totally shocked she got out in the premiere and Piper was left inside jail. Totally unexpected. I loved the conflicts and occassional teams this season. I was actually scared for the safety of some of them, so I hope season three can remain funny but dramatic.

Best Episode: "We Have Manners. We're Polite."

Syfy - Ascension
Status: Unknown

I waited until all three parts (six episodes with two airing a night for three days) aired so I could watch it all in one go. I liked doing that actually as Night One had a pretty great twist at the end that totally shocked me. If you can't tell, I usually don't see stuff coming so a lot of stuff shocks me half the time. I had been looking forward to this mini-series event since I attended the Syfy Press Tour in October and I don't think it disappointed. I love the concept. While I would have preferred more sci-fi, I thought the mini-series did a great job at setting up this world within the show. I was totally invested by the time I got to the final night, Night Three. Night Three was very exciting and now I need a follow-up because I don't want to be left like that. Tricia Helfer did a fantastic job in this as did the other cast members. No idea what's going to happen with the show next but I am hoping for more.

Best Episode: Night Three

Syfy - Defiance
Status: On Hiatus - Season 3 Begins Summer 2015

Defiance isn't exactly a show I'm really invested in. The cast are fantastic and I'm a long-time fan of Julie Benz but I just watch this show because it's there really. I might have enjoyed season one more than I did season two and I think season two steeped a little in terms of quality. Like everything, it has its moments but I don't really look back on the season fondly. The highlights of the season included the surprising return of Kenya who I genuinely thought was alive but devastated when it turned out she wasn't. That was good. Irisa played a good villain too but I'm glad she saw sense by the end of the season. It had a good finale too.

Best Episode: "I Almost Prayed"

Syfy - Haven
Status: On Hiatus - Returning 2015

I'm going to be honest, I've only watched up to episode seven. I haven't been really enjoying Haven this season. I've enjoyed certain parts but overall I'm not feeling it. Some of the troubles have been interesting and I did love the premiere episode. Maybe the season got better once Mara and Audrey got separated so Audrey was Audrey again, but based on the first seven episodes, it hasn't caught my attention. I'm hoping that changes as Haven is my favourite show on Syfy. I'll catch up without any breaks for the episodes I've missed and probably enjoy it more that way. I did enjoy the switcheroo episodes and still found the show could be funny when it wanted to be.

Best Episode: "See No Evil"

Syfy - Z Nation
Status: On Hiatus - Season 2 Begins 2015

I never thought I'd like this show, at all. I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead and this just looked like a total knock-off to cash in on the zombie genre, but this show is probably more entertaining than The Walking Dead is. It's so hard to take Z Nation seriously which is a very nice change but it can be pretty dramatic when it wants to be. The show does a fantastic job at the comedy mind, I never expected to ever see stoned zombies on television, or a zombie bear, or zombies that had been taking viagra. Just bizarre but totally enjoyable. There have been some really captivating storylines and the main characters have come across some interesting people and gotten themselves into some very tricky situations. I've also been surprised by a couple of deaths too. I also love the Murphy storyline and that he's literally turned into this Zombie God who has control over Z's. That's a cool power.

Best Episode: "Resurrection Z"

TNT - Dallas
Status: Cancelled

Another show where I am totally furious it's been cancelled. I thought Season 3A was pretty boring, but 3B aired during the summer and really picked up the pace. It involved the drug cartel and I think some people criticised it but I enjoyed it. After the cliffhanger of 3A with the burning of Southfork Ranch and Rebecca catching John Ross and Emma having sex, only to say "May I join you?" then be revealed to have overdosed on drugs and began a reaction while in the middle of some sexy stuff with her husband and his mistress. Juicy! There hadn't been anything so juicy since early Desperate Housewives. Season 3B really got going when Ann and Emma got kidnapped and John Ross ended up saving them. There is so much I want to talk about this show but can't. Maybe a full series review is in order. But that ending. That god-damn cliffhanger where Christopher got killed in a car explosion, now we will never ever ever ever see the reactions of his family. I wanted to see reactions. Come on, do you know how great Season 4 could have been. TNT, why?!

Best Episode: "Boxed In"

TNT - The Librarians
Status: Currently Airing - Next New Episode December 21

Hehe what a silly but totally fun show. I never watched the TNT films this show is based on but I don't really need to as we have a new set of awesome characters. I love Rebecca Romijn and I think she does a fantastic job leading the cast in this. The 2-part pilot gave us some great developments with these characters that show they're not two-dimentional, including Cassandra's betrayal that isn't as black and white as you would think. But I'm totally taken in by this show's magic. I love the mythology this show introduces each episode and there's only been three episodes so far (with a Christmas episode airing tonight, December 21), but totally a joyride. Really looking forward to the rest of the season. I just hope TNT gives this show a chance because I can't take any more cancellations this television season.

Best Episode: "And the Crown of King Arthur"

TNT - Rizzoli and Isles
Status: On Hiatus - Returning February 17, 2015

I've been in love with Rizzoli and Isles since it premiered over four years ago. The show doesn't have those truly amazing cases seen in the earlier seasons, but there's still fun to be had here. Jane and Maura's friendship is my absolute favourite female pairing on television that's non-romantic. They just have the perfect screen chemistry and they work so well together. It was devastating when Lee Thompson Young passed away last year and they wrote it into the show this season. Episode two was simply heartbreaking as the characters deal with the passing, but when Jane is talking about Frost at his funeral, there was so much emotion that it sounded like Angie Harmon was speaking to Lee Thompson Young. Honestly a great cast that don't get the credit they deserve. Some standout episodes here but not as much as previous seasons. I hope the show gets its mojo back.

Best Episode: "...Goodbye"

Of course, that isn't it. Those are just all the shows I've managed to keep up with so far. There are still more shows that have yet to premiere.

The shows I am behind on:

BBC - Doctor Who
CBS - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
CBS - Elementary
CW - Hart of Dixie
CW - Supernatural
CW - The Vampire Diaries
FOX - Bones
FOX - Family Guy
FOX - The Simpsons
NBC - Grimm

The shows I am going to begin watching:

CW - The 100
Showtime - Penny Dreadful
Starz - Outlander

The shows yet to premiere this season (both returning and ones I will sample):

A&E - Bates Motel (2015)
ABC - Galavant (January 4, 2015)
CBS - CSI: Cyber (March 4, 2015)
CW - iZombie (2015) - I have watched the first two episodes and loved them!
CW - The Messengers (2015)
FOX - The Following (March 2, 2015)
FOX - Glee (January 9, 2015)
FOX - Wayward Pines (May 14, 2015)
FOX - Weird Loners (March 31, 2015)
Hallmark - The Good Witch (February 28, 2015)
HBO - Game of Thrones (April 2015)
HBO - Veep (April 2015)
Lifetime - Devious Maids (2015)
NBC - Heroes Reborn (2015)
NBC - One Big Happy (2015)
NBC - Parks and Recreation (January 13, 2015)
Netflix - House of Cards (February 27, 2015)
WGN America - Salem (April 2015) - I will be reviewing this show for SpoilerTV!

Do you agree with my mid-season review of your favourite show? Have your own opinion on a show? Let me know in the comments!

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