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NCIS: New Orleans - The Recruits - Review: "Hello There, Laurel"

This episode of NCIS: New Orleans was great, it introduced us to Pride's daughter, and really showed us that this team is a great, and excellent team. This episode revolved all around a dead navy seal, that apparently had been hanging around a college prostitute, lovely. Lets dive right in!


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Firstly, this episode's storyline was quite interesting, it wasn't your typical murder, there was a lot of missing pieces, than just assuming the girl with blood on her arms killed him. The storyline/murder engaged me a lot, because I just love how this team works.

I thought that the episode succeeded in adding a mystery aspect into the episode, I must admit I wasn't sure of who was the murderer until the very end. I do hope to see some more of these episodes in the future, as this would keep viewers interested.

Pride and the team really interacted with this storyline in a great way, I especially liked the fact that Pride felt for the victim, he didn't treat her as some animal off the street, and the 'chill and spill' tactic was a nice one also. The team has a lot of respect for everyone in this city, and that's what to love about this show.

Also this episode, we got introduced to Pride's daughter, now this was very interesting, it introduced us to Pride's current situation, which is quite interesting. Laurel really fits Pride's daughter really well, I really like their relationship they have going on. But I am interested to see how his family situation really plays out.

The NCIS: New Orleans team is getting really likable, we are starting to see something unique in this show. I'm really liking LaSalle's chilled back attitude, but when it comes to crime in his city he puts everything he has to the job. Brody is getting really bad-ass, I wasn't sure how she would cope without LaSalle and Brody to help, but she did it with absolute style. Pride, well he's Pride he lives and breathes New Orleans, which is what this show is all about.

I'm really liking the New Orleans spirit that I can feel coming through this show, it definitely gives it a unique feel. The accents of LaSalle and Pride really do add to the feel of the show, that combined with the music (amazing!), food and atmosphere of New Orleans really creates something really unique for NCIS.


Pride: "Music major in the house."
Laurel: "Hey dad."

Wolf: "We fought cause I called his girlfriend what she is: a whore."
Brody: "This her?"
Wolf: "That's her. Natalie..someone. Two words: hook-er."

Brody: "What's going on in there?"
LaSalle: "Chill and spill. Chill out over food, spill what you know."



Overall, this episode was thoroughly enjoyable, I'm really pleased with the direction this show is going. The characters are likable, we are starting to get introduced to the characters back-stories, and the New Orleans feel is really showing through. As far as renewal chances at this point, I'd say that its highly likely that this show will get renewed, I'm hoping CBS will order a full season in the next few weeks :)

Rating: B+

That's it! Hope you enjoyed this episode of NCIS: New Orleans! Leave your comments down below! Catch NCIS: New Orleans CBS 9/8c, after NCIS!

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