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Outlander - Ronald D. Moore Talks Mid-Season Finale with EW

I’m hoping you can settle a debate I’m having with my editor over the midseason finale: In that really great scene in which Frank and Claire were simultaneously standing atop Craigh na Dun, could Frank hear Claire through the stones? Or was it just Claire who could hear Frank?
That’s a good question. We left that deliberately ambiguous so that it would be ambiguous in Frank’s mind. Did he hear her voice, or was it just the wind? We kinda wanted to play it a little bit mystical but not so overtly that he had concrete evidence that he had heard her.

In “Both Sides Now” we see Frank’s hunt for Claire—something we’re not privy to in that first book. When you create new threads like this, do you talk with Diana Gabaldon or just dive in?
We just kinda jumped in. We kept Diana in the loop, and she saw scripts and dailies and cuts, and she’ll comment back from time to time, and she’s been very generous and very free to say, “You know what? I’m the author, you guys are the TV writers, you do what you do, and I’ll just trust that you don’t destroy my book.” And that’s kind of the attitude that we’ve taken. We try to honor the book, and we try to preserve the spirit of it, and we try to stick as close to the storyline as we can, but it is an adaptation, and we are adapting it for another medium. It has different requirements, so we embellish on things and we change things around, but we’re always at pains to get back to where the story goes.

You ended on a nice little cliffhanger. Was that the one you had in mind all along or did you consider other options?
I knew from the outset that that was the perfect midseason finale. It falls just about midway through the book. It’s the most exciting image. It’s the moment in the book where you go, “I have no idea what’s going to happen next, and how the hell did he get in that window?” It’s a great moment to fade to black on.