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Sleepy Hollow - Season 2 - Episodes Block Airing, Spoilers and BTS Photos

“We have 18 episodes [in season 2]: we’re running 11 in a row, and then seven, starting in January,” showrunner Mark Goffman explained. “So we’re really looking at is as two halves [of story]. The season is a complete story, and it’s full of chapters, but we’re building towards a much bigger cliffhanger to leave people on with episode 11, and is one no one will see coming.”

“Every episode is like another chapter in this epic adventure,” he continued. “We work really hard to try and be unexpected, and we say, ‘People are going to see that coming, we have to do something that’s still real within this world.’ And you look at what would these characters do, and we land in a place, that as soon as it happens, I think it’ll be like how it was at the end of last season: where you go, oh, of course, that’s what happened. But leading up to it, it’s hidden.”

The resolution of the unknown big cliffhanger isn’t the only thing fans will have to look forward to in SLEEPY HOLLOW season 2.5 — while a ton of new faces will be joining the show in the first batch of episodes, another (mysterious) character will make its first appearance in 2015.

“We have one more [character] we’re going to be introducing in the back half [of the season], after we come back from break, that I think is going to be pretty exciting,” Goffman previewed.

And while Goffman couldn’t expand too much, his one tease about the newbie is pretty juicy: “It will have supernatural abilities.”