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Bones - Season 10 - Latest from TV Guide - 20th May 2014

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So, is Booth's career at the FBI toast now that he's headed off to jail? Or can Brennan & Co. save the day? And who is pulling the strings of this conspiracy? TVGuide.com took all our burning questions to executive producer Stephan Nathan.

As you were building this season, what did you want to accomplish with this finale?
Stephen Nathan: We wanted Booth and Brennan and the audience hanging in sort of a rage of uncertainty. We wanted to put them in a situation that they haven't really been in before. They've always been able to trust the FBI [and] the organizations they worked for. Rather than go with a traditional serial killer format, we wanted to try and take the show in another direction, at least temporarily, to have Booth and Brennan take on some force that is far larger, far more vague than anything they've dealt with before. We caught the Ghost Killer, but there's still a ghost out there, some kind of adversary that still remains unseen and unidentifiable at the end of this season.

And that unseen force really does a number on Booth and Brennan in those final moments.
Nathan: We're going into Season 10 really dealing with the consequences of this finale. Booth is in handcuffs, Brennan has been taken into custody for questioning, and has been dragged away from Booth. The pain of their separation as well as the uncertainty of how this is going to play out is really how we wanted to leave the audience because it does a few things for us. It confirms this relationship which everybody has invested in and it solidifies that even more. Season 10 will start with all of this unresolved baggage, but with the determination of Brennan and Booth and the squints to draw this very painful and ugly chapter to a close.

Do you anticipate a time jump between seasons?
Nathan: Traditionally, the time jumps have been somewhat in real time. We're going to be treating this in the same way. Booth will have been languishing and suffering in the situation caused by this finale, and everyone is going to have to try to save Booth because the forces seem to be coming down on him.

So, Booth will still be in custody?
Nathan: We will open Season 10 with Booth in custody. Booth will be in jail awaiting trial. As always happens from the time you're incarcerated to the time your trial starts can be quite a long time. All I can say is it is not a good situation for a law enforcement officer to be incarcerated with criminals.

How much fight does Booth have left? Will he take this betrayal by his own agency hard?
Nathan: He does feel unmoored. He doesn't know who to trust, but Booth is a patriot. Booth has fought for his country, Booth has believed in the institutions of the country. There is no more heinous betrayal in Booth's mind than the corruption of an institution that has been set up for the public good. ... At the same time, Booth is an optimist against all odds, and that's the only way he can be the soldier he was. Even though you're pinned down against all odds as he was in the finale, he believes that he can win. There is a tremendous amount of faith and belief that what's right will triumph and that has been the guiding light of Booth's life. That will not desert him.

Speaking of Booth's optimism, he was fairly certain he could take out those Delta Force guys all by himself. But Brennan saved the day.
Nathan: She came back and stood by Booth and did what she had to do for not only her husband and the person she loves, but also for her partner. I think if they had to do it over again it would play out in exactly the same way.

There are three bodies at Booth and Brennan's house. Could Brennan use those men's identities to continue the search for the leader of this conspiracy?
Nathan: Booth was arrested for killing three FBI agents. How did [these men] get accredited? Are those credentials legitimate? What did Brennan take from the scene? What is Brennan going to use to close in on this? If we're dealing with somebody who will keep himself insulated from recognition, how do they get to that person? That's what we'll be doing in the beginning of Season 10.

Deputy Director Stark orders Booth's arrest. Should we assume he is in on the conspiracy if not the very one orchestrating it?
Nathan: That's all up to the audience at this point. That's not something that I can say. He might be a perfectly lovely guy, or he could be evil. He could be a victim himself, or he could be the mastermind. At this point, we just wanted to leave the audience hanging in a rage of uncertainty.

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