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ICYMI - 3rd January 2014

Here is a catchup of the posts you may have missed over the past 24hrs.

Stop Lurking Day
ABC to Limit Next-Day Full Episode Online Availabilty
Arrow - Episode 2.10 - Blast Radius - Promotional Photos
Bates Motel - Episode 2.03 - Casting News and Promotional Photo
Castle - Episode 6.11 - Under Fire - New Promotional Photo
Castle - Episode 6.11 - Under Fire - Sneak Peek 2
Community - Season 5 - Between the Takes - Featurette [VIDEO]
Cougar Town – Episode 5.01 – All or Nothing – Screener Preview
Elementary - Episode 2.13 - All In The Family - Synopsis
Elementary - Episode 2.13 - All In The Family - Press Release
Elementary - Episode 2.13 - All In The Family - Promo
Hannibal - Episode 2.07 - Title Revealed
Helix - Access Granted to the Arctic - Featurette [VIDEO]
Helix - Showcase Promo
Helix - Watch the first 15 Minutes [VIDEO]
Hostages - Season Finale - Preview: Who will survive?
House of Cards - Season 2 - New Teaser Promo
House of Lies - Episode 3.01 - 3.03 - Synopsis
Killer Women - 2 More Promotional Posters
Latest from TV Line - Various Shows - 2nd January 2014
Law and Order : SVU - Episode 15.10 - Psycho/Therapist - Promotional Photos
Law and Order : SVU - Episode 15.10 - Psycho/Therapist - Sneak Peeks
Marvel moving forward with Agent Carter TV Series lead by Hayley Atwell
Mixology - New Promo and Poster
Mom - Episode 1.13 - Hot Soup and Shingles - Press Release
Most Popular Shows on SpoilerTV - w/e 3rd January 2014
MOVIES : The Razzies - Nominations
MOVIES : Veronica Mars - First Trailer
MOVIES : Veronica Mars - Trailer to Premiere Tonight
Nashville - Episode 2.11 - I'll Keep Climbing - Press Release
NCIS - 250th Episode - Robert Wagner to Return
NCIS - Episode 11.12 - Kill Chain - Promotional Photos
NCIS - Episode 11.13 - Double Back - Press Release
Once Upon a Time- Episode 3.11 "Going Home" Review- Such a great episode doesn't deserve this tardiness
Parenthood - Episode 5.12 - Stay a Little Longer - Promo
Person of Interest - Episode 3.12 - Aletheia - Press Release
Person of Interest - Episode 3.12 - Aletheia - First Promotional Photo
POLL : What did you think of The Assets - My Name Is Aldrich Ames?
POLL : What did you think of The Big Bang Theory - The Hesitation Ramification?
POLL : What did you think of Community - Repilot?
POLL : What did you think of Community - Introduction to Teaching?
POLL : What did you think of Elementary - The Diabolical Kind?
Poll: What Was Your Favorite Scene in Elementary "The Diabolical Kind"
Pretty Little Liars - Season 4A Recap
Ratings News - 3rd January 2014
Ravenswood - Episode 1.06 - Revival - Canadian Promo
Reign - Episode 1.09 - For King and Country - Promotional Photos
ROTW - Rank the Best Cancelled/Ended Shows of 2013
Salem - New Promo - Rope
Shameless - Episode 4.03 - Like Father, Like Daughter - Synopsis
Sherlock - Episode 3.01 - The Empty Hearse - Cast & Crew Featurette
Sherlock - Episode 3.01 - The Empty Hearse - Recap & Review
Sherlock - Series 3.01 - The Empty Hearse - Review
SpoilerTV Awards 2014 - Nominations Round
Switched at Birth - Episode 3.01 - Drowning Girl - Sneak Peek
Teen Wolf - Episode 3.15 - 3.16 - Synopsis
Teen Wolf - Episode Rankings
Teen Wolf - Season 3B - New Opening Sequence
MOVIES : The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - New Trailer
The Big Bang Theory - Episode 7.13 - The Occupation Recalibration - Press Release
The CW Primetime Listings for the week of January 20, 2014
The Following - Season 2 - New Promo
The Good Wife - Episode 5.11 - Goliath and David - Sneak Peek
The Good Wife - Episode 5.11 - Goliath and David - Sneak Peek 2
MOVIES: The Guardians of the Galaxy - First Official Photo and Synopsis
The Millers - Episode 1.12 - Miller's Mind - Press Release
The SpoilerTV 2013 Episode Competition - Day 15 - Quarter-Finals
The Tomorrow People - Episode 1.10 - The Citadel - Promotional Photos
The Top 25 TV 'Ships of 2013
The Vampire Diaries - Episode 5.11 - 500 Years of Solitude - Promotional Photos
The Walking Dead - Season 4 - New 2014 Poster
True Detective - New Promo - Tested
USD POLL : Coolest/most badass TV heroine who *isn't* primarily a fighter?
White Collar - Episode 5.10 - Live Feed - Promotional Photos

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