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ROTW - The Most Shocking/Surprising TV Series Finales

Hey All,

We're introducing a new weekly feature here at SpoilerTV in association with Ranker.

Each week we hope to post an interesting discussion topic that allows you to rank all the options provided as well as allowing you to enter your own options if you think it's relevant.

Below is the ranking widget which allows you to select the options that you like (Thumbs up) and to downvote those you don't (Thumbs down). There is also the option to add your own selection, it's the large blue "Add It" button.

So for our first "Rank of the Week", we're asking you to rank "The Most Shocking/Surprising TV Series Finales"

So use the widget below to select your Thumbs Ups and Thumbs downs. If you have no opinion on one of the options, you simply don't select either Thumb. And don't forget to let us know which ones you selected in the comments below.

We hope you enjoy this feature.

Rank the Most Shocking/surprising Finales of Any TV Show?