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Supernatural - Season 9 - TV Guide Comic-Con edition

How did you survive Hellatus? Thankfully, the waiting has come to an end and the first spoilers are trickling in. Fans already had the opportunity to read TV Guide Comic-Con edition and there are several things we can expect from season 9. Warning! Major spoilers and quotes ahead! Don't forget to get your own copy with a full report of news and spoilers next week.

Sam's health

We've sort of expected that and I'm not surprised that Sam didn't fully get back on his feet, but Robert Singer has revealed that Sam's recovery is a key element. In reference to where Sam and Dean are when the show returns - Singer: "When we start the season, Sam is quite ill. How he comes back from this is a real spoiler". New mysterious powers maybe?

Old characters returning

The show frequently brings back characters from the dead, which is why there's a possibility that Benny will make an appearance. "The fans love Benny," Singer says, "We'll probably find a way to bring him back."

And the ladies? Sadly, Abaddon won't be played by Alaina Huffman, which is bad news for me. I really enjoyed her portrayal. Robert Singer explained that she could return in a new meatsuit to try to dethrone Crowley. She might become the new big bad, which is a reason why Dean and Sam team up with Crowley. "…but there’s someone else who wants to take over the reins of Hell. That person is an enemy to the boys, so there’s a certain ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ feeling between them."

As for Naomi, her fate is less certain. Fans would really love to see her back, though.
Jeremy Carver only mentions that "Supernatural is supernatural". So the possibility for a comeback is obviously there, small as it is. Moreover, "he's still out there," Carver says, when asked about Golem. He also hopes to see Charlie again.

Sam and Dean's grandfather can make an appearance in a flashback. "It might not be in the present," Carver says, "but he's part of our world now."

Kevin Tran
Supernatural is currently shooting out of order, but Kevin makes an appearance in "Devil May Care". Brian Rose tweeted this lovely picture, which shows Kevin with the tablet in the MoL bunker.

He is very central to the angel tablet arc and he "has a role to play... because he has an angel tablet that hasn’t been translated yet," Singer says. Hopefully it means more interaction with characters like Castiel.

Castiel's humanity
Now that he's human, there's a multitude of options for a good story, especially one that focuses on his feelings regarding his former angelic status and a better understanding of what humanity entails. When questioned about Castiel's fate as the season opens, Misha says that "we find him the the woods as a human." and "he will be human for the first time". I remember that Cas came very close to being human at the end of season 5, but obviously he will have more time to discover what it means to be human and to be on equal footing with the Winchesters. And maybe he'll be reunited with Sam and Dean.
Robert Singer also elaborates on the angels on Earth. “They’re not happy about being earthbound. They lost their wings, so while they have powers, they can’t teleport. Different factions will find each other." Misha also said that, "all these disgruntled former angels with a certain amount of power would make for a formidable army.”
An army against the Winchesters or an army against Metatron? Carver explains that we "can absolutely expect that different angels will have different reactions to life on Earth. That will lead to a lot of exciting, dangerous, and fun stories to explore."


We got confirmation that Crowley is not fully human, but he "was genuinely affected...How much of that will linger is an open question, because, in the end, he didn't become human". I'm not too fond of a redemption arc for Crowley or the fact that he might be working with Sam and Dean, but the interactions between Sam and Crowley were definitely a highlight. When asked about Meg, her fate seems to be "cloudy".

And what about Dean?
Next week we'll hopefully find out more during the panel. Please check out Sunday's schedule here. Unfortunately, nothing has been said about Dean's storyline yet.