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ICYMI - 29th April 2013

Here is a catchup of the posts you may have missed over the past 24hrs.

The SpoilerTV Show Status Report *29th April 2013*
2 Broke Girls - Episode 2.22 - And the Extra Work - Promotional Photos
Bates Motel - Episode 1.07 - The Man in Number 9 - Promotional Photos
Bones - Episode 8.24 - The Secret in the Siege (Season Finale) - Episode Preview
Bones - Guess The Ratings for the Season Finale
Castle - Season 5 - Andrew Marlowe Teases Emotional Cliffhanger & Complicated Season 6
Continuum - Episode 2.04 - Synopsis
Game of Thrones - Episode 3.06 - The Climb - Promo
Game of Thrones - Episode 3x05 - Kissed by Fire - Episode Extras
Game of Thrones - Inside Episode 3.05 - Kissed by Fire
ICYMI - Weekend Edition - 28th April 2013
Lilyhammer - Season 2 - First Trailer
Mad Men - Episode 6.06 - For Immediate Release - Promo
Mike and Molly - Episode 3.20 - Mike Can't Read - Promotional Photos
Mistresses - Episode 1.01 - Pilot - Promo
Modern Family - Episode 4.21 - Career Day - Promo
MOVIES: Fast and Furious 6 - Final Trailer
NCIS: Los Angeles - Episode 4.23 - Parley - Promotional Photos
Once Upon a Time - Episode 2.21 - Second Star to the Right - Promo
Once Upon a Time - Episode 2.21 - Second Star to the Right - First 8 Minutes
Once Upon A Time - Season 2 - Latest from TV Guide about the finale
Pilot Buzz - Update from Deadline
Poll: Favorite Scene from Grimm - 2.18 - Volcanalis
POLL : What are you watching Tonight? - 29th April 2013
POLL : What did you think of The Borgias - Siblings?
POLL : What did you think of Continuum - Split Second?
POLL : What did you think of Game of Thrones - Kissed by Fire?
POLL : What did you think of The Good Wife - What's in the Box?
POLL : What did you think of Mad Men - The Flood?
POLL : What did you think of The Mentalist - Red and Itchy?
POLL : What did you think of Once Upon a Time - The Evil Queen?
POLL : What did you think of Revenge - Identity?
POLL : What did you think of Vikings - All Change?
POLL: What was your favorite scene in Game of Thrones "Kissed By Fire"?
Ratings News - 29th April 2013 (Full Tables Posted)
Red Widow - Episode 1.08 - The Hit (Season Finale) - Promo
Revenge - Episode 2.20 - Engagement - Promo
Revolution - Will Revolution's Ratings Fall Below 2.0 Tonight??
Supernatural - 8.20 - Pac Man Fever - Podcast
Supernatural - 8.20 - Pac Man Fever - Quotes
The Following - Episode 1.15 - The Final Chapter (Season Finale) - Episode Preview from Kevin Bacon
The Following - Guess The Ratings for the Season Finale
The Mentalist - Episode 5.22 - Red John's Rules (Season Finale) - Canadian Promo
True Blood - Season 6 - "Bottle" Promo
USD POLL : Favourite TV Couple?
Veep - Episode 2.04 - The Vic Allen Dinner - Promo
Vikings - Series 1 - Interview - George Blagden talks Athelstan's progression, Ragnar's betrayal, and the importance of interacting with fans

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