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To step onto Castle's Hollywood soundstage one early October afternoon is to boldly go where no author and his muse have gone before. Today's action is unfolding not in a gritty NYPD precinct, but on an elaborate spaceship set, all sleek steel and high-tech consoles, manned by actors clad in costumes that would look right at home aboard the USS Enterprise.

Under the watchful eye of director Jonathan Frakes (aka Star Trek: The Next Generation's Commander William T. Riker), a Shatneresque captain stoically assesses his crew's chances of survival against a merciless alien race, until he's interrupted by Det. Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) and mystery novelist Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion), whose 21st century presence quickly brings this intergalactic mission back down to Earth. That is, until Castle playfully fires what he thinks is a prop laser gun and — holy frak! — it blasts a hole into the side of the spaceship. (At least it will by the time viewers tune in, thanks to post-production special-effects magic.) "You," says Castle, turning to a murder suspect who's been participating in a fan reenactment of a cult sci-fi show, "are so busted."

Buckle up, Castle fans: In the November 5 episode of ABC's hit drama, the crime-solving duo are trekking into new territory: a sci-fi convention. After a woman turns up dead aboard the starship replica, Castle and Beckett find themselves thrust into the world of rabid fandom known as SuperNovaCon, clearly modeled on San Diego Comic-Con. "Other shows do [episodes set at] science-fiction conventions and it seems they're always contemptuous of the people there," says executive producer and self-described "closet geek" Andrew Marlowe. "But fantasy plays an important role in everybody's life. We all need ways to escape. We wanted to have fun with this world, but we didn't want to make fun of it."

The episode, titled "The Final Frontier," has already generated plenty of buzz in the blogosphere — never a bad thing during sweeps — thanks to the sci-fi bona fides of Castle's leading man. Long before stealing Beckett's heart, Fillion earned a rock-star reputation among genre fans, thanks to his frequent collaborations with geek-god Joss Whedon (see Firefly, its follow-up film Serenity, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog). The episode pays particular homage to Firefly, his short-lived sci-fi Western on Fox. "I look at Firefly like it was my first love," says Fillion during a break. "When we were canceled, it was awful."

Still, nearly 10 years after it got the ax, the series enjoys a devoted following, not unlike Nebula-9, the fictional show at the center of Castle's SuperNovaCon episode. In another inside joke, Nebula-9's male hero — played by Eureka's Ed Quinn, in a sly, scene-stealing turn — is a wisecracking captain named Max Rennard, an obvious riff on Fillion's Firefly character, Malcolm Reynolds. "We're not so much winking [at the similarities] as we are embracing and making out with them," Fillion says. "With tongue."

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