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Homeland - Season 2 - Latest from TV Guide - 17th July 2012

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When Homeland returns to Showtime in September, one thing will be missing: Carrie's memory.

That's right, Carrie's (Claire Danes) trip to electroshock therapy will have suppressed her sudden realization that Brody (Damian Lewis) once said "Issa," the name of Abu Nazir's son, in his sleep. That information helped her piece together Brody's revenge-based motive for betraying his country. Still, that's not to say those memories won't surface sometime during the second season of the Golden Globe-winning series.

After Showtime previewed a first look at Season 2 at Comic-Con on Thursday, TVGuide.com caught up with executive producer Howard Gordon to dissect the surprising new images, including Carrie's memory loss and Brody's new position of power. Get the scoop:

Time Jump! When the Showtime series returns, the story will have progressed six months since we saw Brody fail to cement his place in history as a terrorist and since Carrie's trip to the shrink. "Which is just enough time for Carrie to regain some footing in the world and redefine herself, and whatever that next move is," Gordon says. "And for Brody to take his next step in the world after having come home."

Memory Loss! After appearing to go completely off the deep end in the finale, Carrie decided to undergo electroshock therapy to make sure that her manic episodes won't get her into any more trouble — like accusing a decorated war hero of being a terrorist, even though we know it to be true. But is there a chance Carrie, who starts the season off as a teacher, will recall her "Issa" revelation? "Absolutely," Gordon says. "Although, it may not come back to her exactly the way you'd imagine it might, but yes, that information will most likely emerge at some point."

Is war on the horizon? In the trailer, a riot has broken out in Israel. Why? "We learn that Israel has actually bombed several Iranian nuclear sites, so against the backdrop of ripped-from-the-headlines possibilities, our story takes place," Gordon says.

Source: Full Article @ TV Guide

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