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Suits - Season 2 - Q&A/Set Visit Scoop/Photos (Part 2)

As promised, here is part 2 (with more parts to come) of some set visit for Suits! Hopefully you guys are watching the season premiere that is happening tonight on the USA Network at 10 pm. Today, I will be posting some Q&As from multiple cast members. Since the interview was done after all the journalists watched the Season 2 Episode 1, I will be posting majority of the Q&A after you guys see the episode tonight! The answers are quite lengthy, and let me know what you think of the format and what you think I should change for the next interview I post.  I hope you enjoy it and sound off in the blog/comments below of what you guys think of it (the interviews and the article).

Q:Does Mike and Harvey’s relationship transformany further in the season?
Patrick Adams (who plays Mike):  [W]e’refighting for constant transformation and – and evolution, I think that’swhat keeps things interesting so I think there’s a deepening,  there’s twothings always going on.  There’s adeepening of friendship, I think the mentor thing becomes a mutualrespect, you know.  In the first season Iwas falling all over myself a lot, dropping files and late, you know, notfiguring it out.  I think in this seasonI’m becoming a little bit more confident in what I can do and  I’mcapable of and he sees that and gives me more to do on my own hopefully movingdown the road.  And at the same timeI think there’s going to be an evolution of his way of winning and my way ofwinning.
I’ve always thought of Mikeas like a moral character in a immoral world.  You’re sitting in like a corporate law firmand corporate law firms are not always participating in the most moralbehavior.  And so you [LAUGH] so I thinkeventually Mike, it’s gonna have to come up against that and he’s alwaysstruggling with how to remain moral and keep this compass that he hasthat is strong and it’s what makes him who heis and at the same time follow his dreams of becoming a lawyer and beingsuccessful and doing well in this firm and I think there’s always going to be areally interesting struggle there to keep what is him, but at the sametime try and impress Harvey and do well and come up in thisworld.

One topic that was brought up, was if other people would be getting more airtime. Patrick responded "wehave these incredible women on the show that last year didn’t get showcasedenough so we’re spending a lot of time like let’s get them in there more, let’sintegrate everybody. So I think it’s – it’s almost becoming like, I don’t watcha ton of TV, but like a show like Lost where it’s like this is this person’sepisode and this is this person’s episode. We kind of have to start shifting it around a little bit and give likethis is going to be kind of focused – this person’s going to play more of a rolein this episode.  So I think I’m definitelygoing to get my moments where I get to be in control and get to be thecorporate lawyer and get to do the maneuvering and get to, you know, kind ofshow off how I’m good at what I’m doing."
Meghan Markle (who plays Rachel) also speaks about this issue in a separate interview: "Yeah, I would saythat definitely in developing Rachel and Louis’ dynamic and a lot more ofRachel and Donna’s friendship, which is a lot of fun, I think that they’replaying off of the friendships that we have in real life and just sort ofletting that come to light on the show.  So between those two, for me to be paired upwith, it’s a lot of fun. 
Rick Hoffman (who plays Louis) adds, "this particular episode, Louis and Rachel are taking care of the case together, which is firsttime they’ve really ever been working alongside one another and there’slike this kind of cool mutual respect based on something that they both love,which is the ballet.  So that’s whatwe’re doing right now.

The next part focuses on the interview between the journalists and Gabriel Macht (who plays Harvey)

Q:  As the season goeson, do we get to see like how duplicitous this guy is and what he really cando?
Gabriel:  Yes.  I mean, without giving away too much, youknow, it feels like, I think as an audience member you’re gonna see this,you know, hard man, and he’s really, he’s really well-played by David [who plays new character Daniel Hardman] of this guy that you know he’s just had these problems, and hescrewed up royally, but he’s really coming back trying to make amends.  And so, as an audience member you’re supposedto trust him, and believe that he’s just trying to be okay.  But, you know, it is television, and [LAUGH]um, I mean, I just don’t trust him. 

Gabriel also teased that there will be scandal that comes up, "Travis Tanner from the first season, he comes back.  And he sues the firm ... there’s some information that may have been buried again, and so this question that Harvey’s been involved not once but twice in burying some evidence."

The can opener will also come back this season, specifically in the 10 webisodes that will be appearing side by side with the show. The can opener is "acknowledged in the websites, [but] it's not revealed." Gabriel also jokes, "but it will be revealed before they cancel our show." 

As you can see in the picture, Gabriel came into the interview wearing a tuxedo. Obviously, that was a question that would arise sometime in the interview. Gabriel addresses this question saying, "a client of mine owns an energy company, and, um, he hasbeen told not to drink, and not to gamble, and I’ve been told that he’s inAtlantic City [as a] keynotespeaker at a conference.  Andthere’s something that tells me that like he’s in Atlantic City, how is notgonna have a drink, and how is he not gonna play poker?  And I just show up at Mike’s apartment,and I say, “Get your tux on, we’re going to Atlantic City.  We got to chaperone this guy.”  And it turns out, he is drunk, and he’splaying poker, and he asked somebody to back him on a little napkin, and heloses his entire $30 million company."

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