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The Newsroom - Pilot Script and Casting Calls

Thanks to The Spoiler Fairy for sending us the following..

I found the pilot script for Aaron Sorkin's new show The Newsroom here:


Based on the trailer for the show that HBO has been airing, the script appears to be legit.

Also, here are casting notice for roles that were cast for episode #3 & #4

THE NEWSROOM Episode 103 "The 112th Congress"
Writers: Aaron Sorkin, Gideon Yago
Shoot/Start Date: APPROX 12/12/11-12/23/11
Location: LA

[RICHARD LANSING] Late 30s, Executive at Atlantis World Media and the son of CEO Leona Lansing. Multiple scenes.

[GLORIA TYLER] Utah Tea Party Spokesperson/Interview guest on Will's news show. 1 scene.

[GREG TOWNE] Rand Paul Campaign Spokesman/Interview guest on Will's news show. 1 scene.

[DANIELLE] 40, IN GREAT SHAPE - Professional cheerleader for the New York Jets, putting herself through graduate school. Comes to the studio to meet Will for their date. 1 scene.

[TED WEXLER] Spokesman for Sen. Jim Demint (R) of South Carolina/interview guest on Will's news show.

[MELINDA] 40s, Wealthy and very attractive woman going on a date with Will. 1 scene.

[GORDON FYFE] Director of Stop Islamization of America/interview guest on Will's news show. 1 scene.

[MR.CONNELLY] Domestic Policy Advisor for Ron Johnson, Republican candidate for Senate in Wisconsin/ interview guest on Will's news show. 1 scene.

[MIKE TOOMEY] Construction Contractor, Founder and Co-Chair of Riley County, Kansas Tea Party Express/guest on Will's news show. 1 scene.

[SHERYL GREER] Registered Nurse, Founder and Co-Chair with Mike Toomey of Riley County, Kansas Tea Party Express/guest on Will's news show. 1 scene.

[WADE] 40s, very handsome, Comes to the Newsroom to see McKenzie (Emily Mortimer) who we learn she's been dating for 3 months. 1 scene.

[FRANK GUIDRY] Congressman elect of Colorado's 2nd District/ guest on Will's news show. 1 scene.

[BRYCE DELANEY] GOP incumbent ousted by a Tea Party Candidate/guest on Will's news show. 1 scene.

[KYLE] News Analyst/Guest on Will's election night newscast -small scene.

[ASSISTANT DIRECTOR] works on Will's news show. 2 lines.


THE NEWSROOM, EP. 104 "I'll Try to Fix You
Writer: Aaron Sorkin
Director: Alan Poul
Shoot/Start Date: APPROX 1/10/12-1/24/12
Location: Los Angeles

[NINA HOWARD] Will's (Jeff Daniels) date for the New Year's Eve office party. She's a writer for a gossip magazine. Attractive--Late 30s to Early 40s.

[KAYLEE] 20s, Neal's (Dev Patel) date for the New Year's Eve office party. She's a competitive video game player. Offbeat sexy Approx 8 lines.

[LISA] 20s, Maggie's (Allison Pill) roommate. Maggie's co-workers go about fixing Lisa up with Jim (John Gallagher) on New Year's Eve.

[CARRIE] 40s, attractive. Another date of Will's. A Southern liberal who carries a gun in her purse.

[MONICA] 40s, attractive. Another date of Will's. They fight about THE REAL HOUSEWIVES.

[SHANNON BRYER] Late 20s to mid 30s, smart well and put together, she is the host of the Red Carpet fashion show. 1 scene

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