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Fringe - Season 5 - Fan Campaign - Send in your photos

Our good friends over at zonafringe are starting a fan campaign for Season 5.

Once you have emailed the pics feel free to share them in the comments below so we can see them.

Dear Fringies, once again we need your help in this special campaign we're working on in the next few days. This is what we need:

We're working on a new video with pictures of fans supporting our show, asking for a season five. We all remember the amazing "Where is Peter Bishop" video that meant so much for the whole cast and crew (and also for the fans), we want something like that or even more special, we need FOX to know how many fans are out there, around the world, not only that support the show but who also need another season.

To participate all you need to do is send a picture of you (not pictures from the show) with the word #FRINGE5 written in your hand. Why in your hand? Well, we think this is the best way to symbolize the five seasons, one for each finger. Don't worry, it is not necesary to show your face if you don't want to, just focus on the words.

You can help yourselves with every item you can think of, mirrors to reflect your words, by taking the pic in an special beautiful place you love... If the network decides to renew Fringe before we have our video finished then it will be more a 'Thank you' than a 'Please, give us another season' kind of thing.

Please, spread the word, talk with your friends, share this campaign in your blogs, Twitters, Tumblr, getglue accounts... we need all of you here, we need to show them how much we love the show. They need to know we're all here for them.

You need to send the pics to xavimolinaa@gmail.com BEFORE March 26th.

Don't forget to include your name and country in your message, so we can add that info in the video.

See the photo above for an example.

Source: zonafringe