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Being Human (UK) - Episode 4.06 - Puppy Love - Dialogue Teasers

“What do you think? I’ve organised the eggs in order of size. From smallest to largest. And I’ve disinfected the cutlery. I’ve sealed the pans with olive oil, and I’ve made sure all the chairs are stable with same length legs”

“If people find out about the existence of vampires, werewolves and ghosts there will be violence. There will be lynching’s, it will be like the ******* *** ***** all over again”

“There are dogs here? We could stage a little dog fight to welcome them”

“Its war, we’re all soldiers and we have to pick a side”

“If we lived ** *** **** would we be werewolves all the time?”

“Tom? It’s ******. They’ve sent the other bodyguard after you”

“What does that even mean? Seriously, everyone loves Bruce Willis, but he has a script. You’re just making it up”

“You’re not a vampire. You’re a ****** and I’m a ***. We’re supposed to spend time together, take it slow, like a pack”

“Aww, what’s the matter? Can’t fetch, bitch”

“You ain’t scared of *******, you’re just scared”

“When your time comes, remember it might not be a good thing you have to do”