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Fringe - Season 4 - Spoilery Set Report regarding the kiss

So when I got to the set it was all lit up brightly with big lighting fixtures all around. I had to wait quite awhile until they started filming again. I think I arrived just as they had finished filming the scene. So I stood in the cold just waiting around until they started rolling again. While I was waiting around I saw that Josh was still on set and he was talking to the crew members, like usual. Finally after about 10 minutes, or so (felt like so much longer), they started rolling again. In the scene, I saw Peter (Joshua Jackson) walking across the street towards Olivia (Anna Torv) and then she comes walking towards him and they give each other a big hug, Peter almost picks Olivia up off the ground when he hugs her and then they embrace in a very strong passionate kiss. It was a mighty good kiss I must say. Wasn't just a peck or a simple "hi" kiss. It was a full on embracing, hugging, very close passionate kiss. It was definitely a kiss you do not want to miss. After they kiss for a long moment they talked to each other.

They were obviously in our universe, due to Olivia's outfit (unless for some reason Olivia is the parallel universe dressed as herself). So it looked almost as if this were a real scene, because of the way they were dressed, not a dream. I could be wrong but the way they were dressed it seemed so real to me. But then again I could be wrong and it could be just another one of Peter's dreams, or maybe Olivia's??? But it seemed to normal to be one of Peter's dreams. In Peter's dreams they are usually a little bit more "out there". Ex. Shirtless Walter cooking in the kitchen.

I have to say that I was surprised and yet not surprised at all when I saw the kiss scene and who it involved. I honestly thought it would have been Lincoln and Olivia having a kiss scene, but I also knew that there could be the possibility of it being Peter and Olivia too. I was secretly wanting it to be Lincoln and Olivia though because they haven't had an on-screen kiss yet and I do love them together. Even though I love Peter and Olivia together too. I really like Lincoln too, and I love the relationship between him and Olivia. I think it is really cute. So I was a little bit disappointed inside when I saw that I wasn't Lincoln but when I saw Peter and Olivia kiss I couldn't help but smile too. It was so romantic and cute, and they are so perfect together its so hard not to smile when you see it. It was absolutely spectacular!

Source: Read the Full Set Report Here @ sarah-lucia

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