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Boardwalk Empire - Episode 3.01 - More Casting Calls

BOARDWALK EMPIRE, Episode 301 (Remaining roles)
START: February 21-March 9, 2012


[DR. LANDAU] 50s-60s. Male, Caucasian, educated, head of Hospital. 3 Scenes.

[ALBERT MCCAULEY] 40s, Caucasian, male. Hospital administrator. Ambitious. A few scenes.

[CORNELIA PREDOCK] 30s, Caucasian, patrician and attractive. Possible recurring.

[HANK, PHIL AND RALPH] 30s, Caucasian, male, Chicago types, salesmen. A scene each.

[SCOTTY] 30s, Caucasian male, Chicago native, manager of the Salesmen. A scene.

[NATE HONIG] 30s, Caucasian, Jewish-American, low level criminal type. A scene.

[GAS JOCK] 20s, Caucasian, gas station attendant in small New Jersey town. A scene.

[EMMA HORVITZ] 40s, Caucasian, Russian Jew. Heavy set. Wife of Munya (William Forsythe.) A couple of scenes.

[MR. POSNER] 40s, Caucasian, mid-western type, short tempered. A few lines.

[MR. PENDERGAST] 50s, Caucasian, local Atlantic City man. Socially impeccable. Upscale. A few lines.

[MRS. PENDERGAST] 50s, Caucasian, wife of Mr. Pendergast. Upscale, A few lines.

[PRUDENCE] 50s, Caucasian, rotund, blue collar, maid. Possible recurring.

[PHILIP] Caucasian, male, 30s servant. Possible recurring.

[MRS. LANDAU] 40s, Caucasian, wife of Dr. Landau. Proper. A few lines.

[BOARD MEMBERS #1 AND #2] Male, Caucasian, upscale. A few lines each.

[HOUSEWIFE] 30s, Caucasian, lives in Chicago, lower class, harried, A few lines.

[CARNY] 40s, Caucasian male. Blue collar. Works on the Boardwalk. A couple of lines.

[MARY] 20s, Caucasian, Chicago native, secretary. A couple of lines.

[NUCKY'S BODYGUARD] male, Irish-American, 30s to 40s. No lines but a few scenes.

[LOCAL MAN] 30s, Caucasian. Atlantic city local. A couple of lines.

[BODYGUARD] 30s, Italian-American, male. Imposing. A couple of lines.

[MRS. SHEARER] early 40s, Caucasian female. Sickly. A few lines.

[WOMAN GUEST] 30s to 50s. Caucasian. Upscale. A couple of lines.

[MOTHER] 30s, Caucasian. Local New Jersey mom. A few lines.

[GIRL] 6 to 10 yrs, Caucasian, local New Jersey girl. A few lines.

Source: imdb