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The Walking Dead - Episode 2.09 and Episode 2.10 - Casting Calls

Info from casting notices for episodes #209 and #210:

THE WALKING DEAD, "Episode 209"
Director: Clark Johnson
Writer: Evan Reilly
Location: Atlanta area
Start Date: 9/8 - 9/19

[DAVE] 30 to 45. Male. Any ethnicity. A charming, friendly guy from a city in the Northeast (very different from our Southern folk). He's the kind of guy you'd like to have a beer with and has probably spent a significant amount of time in low-rent bars. He's able to disarm with a smile, but can quickly turn dangerous. Guest star.

[TONY] 25 to 35. Male. Any ethnicity. Please submit heavy-set character actors. Dave's younger friend with whom he is traveling. Tony is quick tempered and doesn't present himself as intelligent as Dave. He likes women and food and guns. He is from a city in the Northeast (very different from our Southern folks). Guest star.


THE WALKING DEAD, "Episode 210"
Director: Billy Gierhart
Writer: David Leslie Johnson
Location: Atlanta area
Start Date: 9/20 - 9/29

[RANDALL] 19 - 20 years old. Male. A skinny, earnest Southern kid (slight Southern accent) who is thrown into a set of unusal circumstances, given what has happened in our world. Actor must a have a deep well of emotions to access with the ability to project fragility, inexperience and ultimately strength and courage. This is NOT a handsome Hollywood leading man. Guest star. Recurring. 4 episodes.

Michael Zegen is playing Randall.

Source: Rhoswen@TWoP