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Bones - Season 7 - Hart Hanson interview with EW about last night and what's ahead

Booth’s grandfather Pops (guest star Ralph Waite) visited and brought with him the news that Seeley’s father had died. At first, Booth couldn’t look past his issues with his dad (he hadn’t seen him for 20 years) to see how much his grandfather was hurting. Pops eventually read him an excerpt of a letter he’d found among his son’s things asking him to tell Seeley that he loved him and that he knows he deserved a better father — one like he’d had. Booth’s dad thanked Pops for raising Seeley to be the man he could never be. He’d left Booth a box, which Brennan finally got him to open because, she said, she wanted to talk about it, and while they’re sharing their lives, he can’t shut her out.

When Brennan had asked Angela earlier in the episode what she should do to help Booth, Angela had told her, ”You have to figure out what you can give him that nobody else can.” It turned out that was a reminder that Booth did have some good memories of his father, including their one perfect day in those blue seats at the World Series, and the knowledge that quantum physicists have a theory about how we experience that time that says he deserves to keep them alive. Booth opened the box and found his father’s most precious mementos: his purple heart, a Father’s Day card young Seeley had made him, photos of them together, and their 1980 World Series ticket stubs with a picture of them in the stands. Was there a dry eye in your house? We talked to Bones creator Hart Hanson about the scene

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