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Fringe - Set Report & BTS Photo - 1st September 2011

So this evening I FINALLY had the chance to visit the Fringe set. However, only the observers were at the location I visited. They were filming at what appeared to be a hotel/motel and they transformed the pub that was connected to it into what appeared to be a diner. I could only see a small part of it from about 5 feet from the doorway. So maybe the pub does look like a diner, and it's supposed to be like that :P I did also notice a lot of crew members in the lobby of the hotel itself.
But now on to the good stuff. Eugene Lipinski (who plays the Observer December) was outside chatting with two other women when I arrived, but after they left I got the opportunity to speak with him. I eventually got to ask him if he was allowed to speak of what exactly they were filming this evening. He said they were filming part of episode 5. He didn't say much more than that other than the fact that he was pretty sure Peter still doesn't exist yet (he wasn't entirely positive). He also said that they were filming an opener or something of the sort for the season premiere. Because apparently the head guys at Fox/producers watched the first episode and felt there wasn't enough information being provided/questions being answered (more or less he said they wanted some Observer details) He told me that in the diner he gives something to September that will help fix his mistake. He wasn't allowed to specify for me what exactly he gave him. (Advice, instructions, and object, etc)
He was reaaallly super nice, so if any of you get a chance to go to a set you should try and talk to him if you can. :)
As I was about to leave Michael Severis returned from make-up but had to go inside, I got the chance to talk to him and he was really cool too. Good sense of humor as well. Since he seemed like he needed to go, I didn't ask him anything.

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