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Desperate Housewives - The Complete Seventh Season - DVD Boxset Review

Hey Guys,

As you Desperate Housewives fans will be aware, the complete seventh season is being released on August 30th and STV were sent a copy to check out and review for you pre-release.

The Official Synopsis

It's high noon on Wisteria Lane as a brand new rival stirs up even more excitement, deceit and romance in the neighborhood. This sizzling DVD release allows audiences to collect evert red-hot episode, plus juicy never-before-seen bonus features.

Review: The series is as always full of the delicious and ludicrous story lines that have littered its seven year run. Even though it doesn't quite manage to retain the cutting edge and razor sharp scripts that the first few seasons excelled with, it still delivers a fantastic new addition to the cast with Vanessa Williams adding to a very strong ensemble with ease as rival Renee Perry. If you have enjoyed and survived the previous six seasons then you will find lots of fresh stories that mix with the new to create a season that rises above the quality of the last few years. With one more year to go, if the seventh season is anything to go by then the Housewives will leave Wisteria Lane with more of a bang than a whimper

DVD Bonus Features Include:

Review - The bonus features are a little thin but whilst they lack in quantity they manage to just about entertain enough to please the die-hard fans.

* "Desperate for Trivia" - Discover how much America's favorite cast really remembers about their characters when asked trivia from the past seven years.

Review - All the main cast are present for a short 5 minute feature which has some entertaining moments but in general doesn't quite live up to the decent premise. Regardless, it will be fun for those fans who have watched every season multiple times to test themselves on their trivia.

* "Growing Up On Wisteria Lane" - This fun featurette will juxtapose a group interview with "oldr kids" (Andrea Bowman, Shaun Pyfrom, Joy Lauren, Cody Kasch) reflecting back on their experience "growing up" on Wisteria Lane."

Review - Easily the best feature on the Box set, the kids all manage to discuss their experiences on the show in a relatable and real way. Whilst they may not be the big stars hearing about the experience from their side in much more refreshing.

* 12 Deleted Scenes straight from the cutting room floor.

Review - The deleted scenes are not necessary to add to your experience of the season, but they give little bits of humour and personal moments that add a little bit more depth to the characters. All in all you won't lose out by missing out on these scenes though...

* Bloopers, Outtakes & Gags.

Review - This is all one feature that is exactly the same as any other blooper reel in existence. Fans of the show will love it, everyone else won't. It's a little short but has the customary "lots of cast members" laughing so as far as blooper reels go it is not bad!

Released: 30th August
Release Format: 5-Disc DVD Set
Suggested Retail Prices: $45.99 US/ $54.99 Canada
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/desperatehousewives
Website: http://abc.go.com/shows/desperate-housewives/dvd

Thanks to ABC Studios for providing us with the pre-release box set.

You can purchase the box set from Amazon by clicking this link: http://amzn.to/n8GtZZ


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