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Supernatural - Season 7 - Leaked Production Script *Updated [HOAX]*

Update: 18:20 As per usual the great readers and commentators here at spoilertv have spoken and it seems this is indeed a HOAX. As someone who has not seen the show I was unsure but it's given us something to discuss and have a laugh at during the hiatus :)

Please take with a large amount of salt as this is almost definitely a hoax. These were apparently leaked by an intern working with SPN.

Here is the text of the script that they wrote and the leaked script images.

well the scene opens up with sam. hes in a house right and hes all happy. and we see him laughing and smiling in bed right and then we see a girl in bed laughing with him. but holy crap its not just any girl its jess! like yes the jess. and jess is like baby im gunna make yuo some breakfast i love you. and sam is like i love you to baby. so she goes down stairs and sam is all smiles. but then she screams. and sam runs down stairs and is like baby whats wrong. and shes cowering in a corner and then we see someone pointing a gun at her. jess is like sam help! and we then see the person holding the gun is jo! yes jo! wtf. well anyways sam is like who are you, put the gun down. and jo is like hello sam, long time no see.

and sam is like wtf i dont know you. and jo is like damn sam hes gotten to you. and hes like what are you talking about. and jo starts talking but then jess jumps and tries to hit her with a knife. and jo shoots her dead and sam is like nooo! and then he goes to attack jo but before he can he feels a hand. and he looks around and its ellen! and shes like hello sam before putting a bag over his head.

so then we cut scenes to the title screen.

then we come back and we see dean! dean is in a backyard right. and hes cooking stakes so hes cooking them and in the background we hear laughing and ben comes up and is like dad when is the food going to be ready im starving! and so dean is like soon kiddo and pats his head. and then lisa comes up and hugs him from behind while handing him a beer or whatever. and they start talking. but then he hears LOOK OUT DEAN and dean doges a fotball. then we see sam and hes like sorry dean! and dean is like its okay sammy and then jess takcles sam and they giggle and stuff. and dean looks on with a smile but he feels like something aint right.

then castiel appears. and hes in normal clothes and hes like hello dean. and dean is like hey cas whats up. and cas is like lovely day isnt it and hes drinking a beer. so dean is like yeah of course. and cas is like is something wrong. and dean is like no why would it. and cas says you have a very good life dean you shouldnt look so down. and dean is lije im not down and then he doges a football again. when he gets back up cas is walking away.
and dean is all confused.

so anyway we cut seens again and ellen ash and jo are like standing around him. and sam is like what are you guys doing to me. and there like sam you need to remember cuz your dead and this is heaven. and sam is like whatever im engadged and graduated stanford. and there like no thats not true. and then they start yelling and stuff and so jo shoots him and hes like holy crap im not dead! and then he starts freaking out and stuff and then ash is like damn they got him really bad they dont want him to remember. so hes like well i think i can fix this but its actually going to hurt. so he gets this book right and starts chanting in angel talk and sam starts screaming but then we see flashbacks from him jumping in the pit to being torutored in hell to cas becoming god. and then he stops scremaing and moving and ash is like sam are you okay. and for a minute sam doesnt talk. then he like slowly looks up and is like i remember.

cut seen

and then we got back to dean hes in bed with lisa. hes awake but lisa is asleep with her arm over him. so he looks a bit confused and then gets up without waking lisa and he gets in his car. then he starts driving. and as hes driving hes listing to music when it turns to static and someone is like dean dean can you hear me. and dean is like wtf. but he doesnt have time to check it out cuz he sees cas on the road and barly misses him. so he is like jesus cas what are you doing in the middle of the road at night! and cas is like the same thing you are i need to clear my had. mind if i join you. and dean is like sure hop in. and they drive for a while in silience right before cas is like can i ask you a question.

and dean is like you just did. and cas laughs and is like dean. and dean goes shoot. and cas is like dean arent you happy. and dean is like what kind of qustion is that. and cas is like you have a wife that loves you a son that adores you and your brother is happy. so why are you not happy dean. isnt this what you want. and dean is about to talk but then the radio statics again and is like dean dean can you here me. this isnt real and dean is like frekaing out and when he looks at cas in confusion cas puts a finger on his forehead and dean blackouts.

so we go back to dean and he wakes up in bed startled right. and lisa is like whats wrong baby you were having a nightmare. and dean is like i dont know i cant remember. and lisa is like well dont stay in bed your mom and dad are coming over. and dean is like mom and dad? and lisa is like yeah dont you remember you invited them over for lunch. and dean is like oh. oh yeah. and he looks confused but goes with it anyway. and when hes taking a shower he keeps itching his chest where the tat is at. only it isnt there. and hes like why does my sin itch so much. but he doesnt have time to think cause lisa yells at him to hurry up. and he does and when he gets down stairs he sees ben playing the wii and lisa making food. and then the door bell rings so dean gets it and its his dad and mom! and hes just stunned for a moment and there like well hey son lets us in! and dean gets hugs and looks so confused.

so we cut seens and sam is like ash is like what do you remeber. and sam is like i remember cas saying he was god. and he told us to profess are love or die and then we get a flashback. so we flashback to cas saying profess or die etc and dean is like cas dont do this. please dont do this. those souls are messing with your head you dont want to do this. and cas is like i wont say it again your either with me or against me and if your against me you will burn. and dean is like cas. and cas says dont make me repeat myself. and then dean is like you know what cas your god now you do whatever you want. and then we cut back to sam in the roadhouse and ash is like well he didnt send you to the basement. and hes like we didnt even know you and dean were here until i listned in on the angels and then one contacted me. and he told me what happened. and sam is like which angel?

and then we here someone say hello sasqauth and then we see holy shit its gabebriel!
so we cut scenes again and dean is eating dinner with his family and he has like a faraway look in his eyes. and mary is like bean baby are you okay? are you sick? and dean is like no mom im tired. and shes like well we were headed out anyways, go get some rest and she kisses him good bye and john hugs him good bye and dean looks sad when dad hugs him. so lisa is like baby whats wrong your been acting strange all day. and dean is like im just really tired baby i think im gonna go for a walk to wake up a bit. and shes like oh okay hunny i love you. and ben is like when you get back can we play catch? and dean is like sure.

so dean starts walking again and while he walking cas yells hey dean hey! wait up. and dean is like oh hey cas. and cas is like so what are you doing. and dean is like just trying to wake up a bit. and cas is like rough night? and dean is like yeah i didnt get much sleep.. and cas is like dean how come you always look sad. and dean is like what are you talking about i never look sad. and cas said well lately you seem a bit down. and dean is like cas if i tell you something do you promise not to tell sam or lisa. and cas is like sure dean. and dean is like i feel like im neo. because when im awake things sometimes feel fake. and when i sleep sometimes i see things.

cas is like what things. and hes like well dont luagh but monstrs. and how me and sam fight thme. and cas snorts and is like sorry but that is funny. and dean says i know but it feels so real. and he itches his chest where the tat is and says theres nothing here but in my dream there is a tattoo and i feel like i should have one. and then cas says dean your tired okay. you are just stressed at work and you need to relax. then he places his hand on deans shoulder, the one where his hand print scar is at and dean gasps. then suddenly he gets flooded with a bunch of memories and cas relaizes what hes doing and pulls away and llooks like oh shit what did I do. and dean grabs his head and screams while falling to the ground. and cas is like dean dean are you okay. and when he goes to lift dean up dean jumps up and tries to punch him. you son of a bitch he says. and cas is like not agian. and dean says you actually killed me and sam. you son of a bitch!
and cas is like not again. and dean is like what. and cas is like it doesnt matter what type of heaven i make for you. you always wake up and remember. and then i try again but somehow you always remember in the end. why cant you just be happy dean

Source: tumblr

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