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Person of Interest - Episode 1.02 - Ghosts - Casting Call

Casting Director is looking for Guest Actors and Co-Stars for the upcoming episode of CBS series "Person of Interest". Episode #102, "Ghosts"


1.) MALE (40-55; any ethnicity) - INGRAM. A telegenic tech mogul in the mold of Steve Jobs, he's a friend and partner of Finch's. The face of Ingram Technologies, their collaboration has made Ingram one of the richest men in the world. RECURRING GUEST STAR;

2.) FEMALE (16-17; Caucasian) - THERESA. Street smart and tough out of necessity, a once-promising straight A student. Because of a tragedy, she's become feral and street-hardened, hanging out with skater kids, and trying to stay alive. Wary and aggressive when she needs to be, Theresa doesn't trust anyone. She believes she's safer on her own, and she might be right. GUEST STAR;

3.) FEMALE (mid 30's-mid 40's; any ethnicity) - REBECCA. Theresa's aunt, was shocked and horrified by her family's tragedy. Two years after the incident she is now divorced from her husband. GUEST STAR;

4.) MALE (40's; Caucasian) - DEREK. He is Theresa's uncle who has a history of making poor business decisions. He looks like he's living on borrowed time and money, and he's filled with guilt and shame for his part in his brother's family. GUEST STAR;

5.) MALE (40's; Caucasian) - CALHOUN. An upwardly mobile MBA/Ivy League type, he's the face of Shamrock Holdings. GUEST STAR;

6.) MALE (early-mid 30's; Caucasian) - IRS. Although very large, this relaxed hit man with dead eyes has quick reflexes. Known only as IRS (a reference to the certainty of death and taxes), he proves to be a formidable opponent to Reese. GUEST STAR OR CO-STAR;

7.) MALE (60's; Caucasian) - SOLNICK. A huge, bored-looking contract killer serving a life sentence in prison, he admits to having a code of conduct regarding his hits. ONE-DAY GUEST STAR OR CO-STAR;

8.) FEMALE (30's; any ethnicity) - SASHA. An attractive receptionist at Ingram Tech, she's a co-worker of Finch's. GUEST STAR OR CO-STAR;

9.) MALE (18-early 20's; any ethnicity) - TRAVIS DURST. Theresa's former bad-news 18-year-old boyfriend, he's an aggressively shiftless young man who grows, smokes, and sells weed out of his NYU dorm. ONE-DAY GUEST STAR OR CO-STAR;

10.) MALE (16-18; any ethnicity) - DEACON. This 16-year-old scruffy skate rat tangles with Reese and warns his friend Theresa to flee the scene. Actor must have some skateboarding ability. CO-STAR;

11.) MALE (40's-50's; Caucasian) - BUSINESSMAN. Rich, tired-looking, and unfaithful, Reese saves him from his would-be attackers. CO-STAR;

12.) MALE (mid 30's-mid 40's; any ethnicity) - ALDERMAN. This male local politician meets with Calhoun about a construction development. CO-STAR;

13.) MALE (mid 30's-early 50's; any ethnicity) - PRECINCT DETECTIVE. This male NYPD Detective briefs Carter on a crime scene. CO-STAR;

14.) FEMALE (late 20's-early 40's; any ethnicity) - EMPLOYEE. This loyal female employee at Ingram Tech says good morning to Ingram. CO-STAR;

15.) MALE (30's-40's; any ethnicity) - GOVERNMENT AGENT. He guards a secure entrance to Ingram Tech and asks Ingram to swipe his ID card. Please submit male Secret Service types. CO-STAR;

16.) MALE (40's; any ethnicity) - IA INVESTIGATOR. This male Internal Affairs Investigator grills Fusco about Stills'
whereabouts. CO-STAR;

17.) MALE (early 20's; Caucasian) - J-WILL. Travis' dreadlocked tweaker of a roommate, he pulls a gun on Reese and gets summarily beaten in response. CO-STAR;

18.) MALE (30's; Caucasian) - WINSTON. Junior management, he is Finch's patronizing boss. CO-STAR;

19.) MALES or FEMALES (30s'-40's; any ethnicity) - SUIT ONE & SUIT TWO. These two CIA suits tell Carter they're taking over her investigation, but back off somewhat abashedly when she laughs in disbelief at their lack of knowledge about Reese. CO-STARS;

20.) MALE (30's; any ethnicity) - CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANT. This male rugged-looking homeless person is a C.I. of Fusco's who makes a call on Fusco's behalf for cash. CO-STAR

Source: New Faces

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