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The Vampire Diaries - Episode 2.18 - The Last Dance - Spoilers

Q: Will we find out how much Matt and the Sheriff know?
Yes. Unfortunately for the Salvatore brothers, Caroline, and Tyler, they know pretty much everything. Matt struggles to keep up his happy-go-lucky facade when he takes Caroline to the dance (looking sharp, as Zach Roerig promised).

Q: Will Damon be shirtless again?
Nope. But he's wearing leather pants. We're sure you can use your imaginations.

Q: Can Jeremy Gilbert dance?
Not really, but to his credit, he's not much in the mood for dancing.

Q: Are there any good Damon and Elena / Damon and Bonnie / Stefan and Caroline / Matt and Caroline / Jeremy and Bonnie scenes?
All of the above. This episode might be 'shipper heaven. And yes, in the midst of a generally horrible evening, Damon and Elena do share one happy moment together. As for that slap from the promo... when you see why Elena is so devastated, you'll understand her reaction.

Q: What song do Damon and Elena dance to?
In the version we watched, they dance to "Last Kiss" - the Pearl Jam version, not the 1961 Wayne Cochran original. Fair warning, though: sometimes the music can change between the rough cut and the final air version.

Q: Does Katherine appear in the episode?
Briefly. She does not have a good day.

Q: Does Klaus have his vampire powers while he's in Alaric's body? Will Alaric get his body back?
He definitely has his powers, and in Alaric's body, he doesn't need to be "invited in" to the Salvatore boardinghouse, also known as Elena's new safehouse. We do know this... as long as Klaus is possessing Alaric, Alaric is in terrible danger. Matt Davis just a great job giving us the creeps as Klaus... and we get a few laughs out of it, too. This guy is unhinged.

Q: Are Stefan and Damon fighting over how to save Elena?
They've got very different strategies, and the secrets Damon keeps from Stefan begin to wear on the relationship they've worked to rebuild over the last two seasons.

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