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In the first five minutes of Supernatural‘s meta episode tonight, we’re introduced to the term “hunter’s helper,” someone’s butt gets a love tap, and Dean refers to himself as a “painted whore.” Yup, this episode, where Dean and Sam travel into an alternate universe where they are actors named Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, is everything super fans of the show have been waiting for and filled with inside-fandom jokes (alt-universe Misha Collins is a Twitter addict who wears ugly sweaters, producer Robert Singer gets mocked for naming a character after himself, and the season’s new showrunner, Sera Gamble, pokes major fun at herself).

But there’s also a small dose of mythology, which comes mostly toward the end of the episode, and an update on the holy war. Cas still won’t elaborate on the details (give it up already, man!), but it becomes apparent that the stakes of this battle are high when we learn of an unlikely alliance. But if you watch for no other reason, watch for the shocking death (…or is it deaths?). Like how I left that for the end?

There’s a reason NCIS is the top-rated show on TV every week — there’s never a dull moment. And as we head into the last episodes of the season, two of the plots we’ve all been following very closely are going to take some major turns. Executive Producer Gary Glasberg was nice enough to bust them open for me — and, by extension, you.

First up, there has been a tremendous amount of tension between Vance and Gibbs since the director was injured in “Enemies Domestic,” and soon it’s going to come to a boiling point. “That tension has continued to grow and manifest itself in different ways, and it absolutely will come to a head as we near the season finale,” Glasberg says. “Not only will Gibbs finally question Vance’s recent behavior, but he’ll take a stand against him as only Leroy Jethro Gibbs can. Get ready for the sparks to fly.” READY!!!

In other “spark” news, we’ve all been waiting to meet Ziva’s yet-unseen-but-much-talked-about boyfriend, Ray (and Tiva fans no doubt have had their mob torches ready). And since we know casting is already underway, we know it won’t be long until he strolls along. But, says Glasberg, “not only will we learn who he is, where he works, and what his intentions are with Ziva, we’ll also see him connect to the team in a way you never suspected. Ray will be full of surprises, and we are looking forward to sharing them with everybody.”
We’re (impatiently/eagerly) waiting…

Hardcore Fringe fans will agree that season 2′s “Peter” was hands up, down, and all-around one of the best hours of the series. The great news is that tonight’s follow-up episode, “Subject 13″ (which references the test subject number assigned to young Olivia), will rank right up there with it. Why? The episode focuses on young Peter coming to grips with his removal from the other side. (Of course, he doesn’t know that’s what happened, but he knows something is amiss.) And for those who hold a special place in their heart for John Noble/Walter, prepare to become completely infatuated with the golden-hearted character, especially when he takes a stand for Olivia.
The best scene by far tonight takes place in a field of tulips with young Peter and young Olivia. If you don’t tear up during this beautifully shot scene, I suggest you cross over and find the version of yourself with a soul!

Next week’s a big one, Cary and Kalinda fans. Believe me. But at the risk of violent acts occurring against me should I say much more about the — oops. Never mind. I better turn this over to Matt Czuchry before I get in trouble.

“His friendship with Kalinda, that all is going to come to a head over the next two episodes,” he says. “There is one scene in next week’s episode that I think will be interesting for fans to see.” “Interesting” is an understatement, Czuchry.

And that’s not the only big moment coming up. In episode 17, we can expect the Blake storyline to wrap up, but not before new information comes out that motivates the end of the season. “There’s a new storyline that affect Kalinda and the rest of the cast,” Czuchry teases. “It’s kind of one of those focal points of the season that wraps one moment up then snakes out of control by the end of the season.”

For Cary, that’ll mean not only picking a loyalty, but facing the repercussions of that. “With this investigation, of course, there are repercussions because of that. And with the new information that comes out at the end of the investigation, again he’s forced to make decisions about who he’s going to protect and how he’s going to keep his job. So there’s always a measure of how the decision that he makes could get him in trouble on either side,” he says. Good because we love seeing Cary in trouble (…and shirtless, but that’s a whole other issue).

Hurry before it’s too late…got anything juicy for me on Greek? Like when will we find out Cappie’s real name and his major? — Sam
The finale will answer both of those for you. You will learn Cappie’s (accidental?) major and all four parts of his real name. My tease for the latter is: Revolutionary War. Prepare your WTF face. Also, there will be more scoop on this next Tuesday straight from creator Patrick Sean Smith. Submit questions now!!

The Vampire Diaries scoopage please!! — Leslie
You heard her name last night for the first time, and soon, we’ll be meeting new witch Greta Tucker, who’s described in the casting announcement as being in her 20s, “African-American, cool, hip, smart. A bit of a thrill-seeker.” But Bonnie she is not. Based on the company she will be keeping, I’d say she’s not to be trusted.

The news about a death on Glee before Regionals has me terrified. I don’t want it to be anyone beloved. Any clues as to who is biting the dust? — Randy
An inside source says a ripple will be felt, but many of those close to your heart safe. Shall we celebrate this (sorta) reassurance with a Mike O’Malley group hug?

Any dirt on How I Met Your Mother? — Sara
This Monday will take you on a journey into the mind of Barney Stinson. You’ll see what I mean…

Would love some Nikita scoop! — Taylor
Melinda Clarke tells me there “absolutely” are plans to explore Amanda’s (probably dark and twisty) past. The bad news? You might have to wait until season 2. “I think that there’s been tiny little moments of it, but the writers definitely have consciously not explored Amanda’s past too much,” Clarke says. “All of these things should and will be explored, assuming we’re fortunate enough to have future seasons.”

Parenthood! Please. — Brandie
Get all glammed up, because we’re going to prom! Only the night proves to be a devastating one for Amber, who’s still dealing with some life-shattering news. (Well, it’s life-shattering to a graduating teenager, anyway.) Meanwhile, Haddie and Alex (whom her dad is not happy about seeing on his doorstep on prom night) have a serious chat about getting a hotel room. Yeah, you know what I mean.

Some scoop on The Middle would make my day!! — Jessica
If you were thrilled about the arrival of Brick’s new friend Arlo, get ready to have your world rocked…by weirdness. Because this kid is weird. In fact, he’ll eventually be too weird for Brick to stomach — and that’s saying a lot. In related news, things may go sour when the family goes to celebrate Mother’s Day II at a less-than-thrilling carnival. Awkward family photos, anyone?

Being Human on Syfy is great, but I like the BBC version. Do your spoilery fingers reach across the pond? — Jaime R.
If I try really, really hard, yes. And here’s what I got: Aidan Turner! Okay, not him physically (darn), but I did manage to snag some Annie/Mitchell secrets from him, specifically dish on upcoming sexy times (that will not require a third person!). “They have their own way of doing it, which I think is revealed later on,” he says. But he also hinted to some great moments between the couple outside of the bedroom. “Mitchell gets deep into trouble and Annie’s kind of always there to bail him out, it seems, and there’s fantastic sort of stuff that’s coming up soon. Especially in the last episode, they all kind of have to make some hairy decisions on the spot, and Annie and Mitchell have some crazy moments.” I don’t want to start a fight (note: I probably do), but which version would you all like scoop on more regularly? Vote in comments.

Are we going to see any Jimmy and Sabrina action on Raising Hope any time soon? I love them. — Sam
There’s going to be a date soon!!…BUT (you knew there was a “but”) it’s going to be Jimmy and someone who’s not Sabrina. Before you pelt this messenger with fruit, I’ll let creator and executive producer Greg Garcia explain (and hopefully ease some of your fears): “He gets to a place in this season where he’s going to date a little bit instead of just pining for her. But he still definitely has feelings for her,” Garcia says. “We’re not closing the door on that relationship.”

Will we be seeing a return of Marcus to shake up Kevin and Scotty’s marriage again? And if so, is he the mysterious guest that causes havoc at Sarah and Luc’s wedding in the season finale? I hope he doesn’t return. I absolutely love Kevin and Scotty! — Gabriela M.
You’re in luck. The hottie homewrecker (Christopher J. Hanke) will not be the surprise guest at the much-anticipated nuptials. An insider tells me the original plan was to bring Marcus back to create some tension between Kevin and Scotty, but plans fell through because Hanke is currently busy on Broadway, working alongside Daniel Radcliffe and John Larroquette in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. So you can breathe easy…for now.

Thanks for the first look at Outsourced last week with the Great Khali! Any chance we’re going to see more guest stars? — Tom
No word yet on guest stars other than the Great Khali. But we will see some returning faces, namely the A team! “I can’t give away too much because we just filmed it, but we’ve been exploring a lot of the Indian holidays,” Parvesh Cheena (Gupta) tells me. “And we definitely do see the A-team — you know, the cool, hip-to-be-square guys again — when we’re going through another holiday in India. They definitely make their return, and we kind of get our comeuppance on them.”

90210 scoop please! Preferably about the wedding that’s taking place J — Lauren
I can confirm that Ivy and Raj will tie the knot in episode 22, but be warned: There’s a very dark cloud that hangs over their happy union. You may or may not have clues as to what that is already.

I don’t know if I missed a memo or what, but why is season 2 of Justified not available on Hulu OR on the FX website? Any official word from the network? I’m a desperate fan who gave up cable! — Suzanne
Not technically a spoiler, but I’m happy to help regardless. Season 2 is on a 30-day delay from air, so the first episode of the season will be available online (both on FX and Hulu) on March 11 and will stay up for two weeks. Episodes will then roll out once per week for the rest of the season. Now…are you going to ask for a spoiler?

Source: EW

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