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True Blood - Episode 4.04 - Casting Calls

The Bellefleur family expands again, this time adding matriarch Caroline Bellefleur to the cast. Caroline is in her 70s, Caucasian, formidable, refined, and beautifully dressed. She’s Portia and Andy’s grandmother, dislikes vampires, but “warms to Bill’s charm”. Of course she does!

We’ll meet Emma, a Native American/Hispanic little girl. Just 5 years old, Emma is the happy, playful, talkative daughter of a shifter and a werewolf who will be a recurring character. Is she connected to Jason’s involvement with Hotshot or to Alcide’s storyline?

Flashback alert! In another Spanish-speaking role, we’ll see a head priest from 1610 who instigates the burning of a witch at a medieval church, and he clearly takes pleasure in describing the procedure. Is this flashback prompted by Antonia’s storyline? Are they connected to Hallow?

Source: True-Blood.net

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