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Adams TV Teasers - Issue 7 - SpoilerTV Exclusive - Fringe, Castle, Greys Anatomy, The Cape, Bones & more...

Hey guys,
The TV Teasers are back and we have a few little tidbits for you this week from a wide variety of shows for you to have a look at :)

Episode 3.17 is entitled "Countdown."

Producers are looking for an actress for the role of Charlene MCann, a single mum in her twenties, She is questioned about her brother's wartime experiences...

Episode 3.17

A guest lead is wanted for the episode; a well known actress is required to play Mary, who needs to be vulnerable, emotional & haunting.
She is also a mother of two...

30 Rock
Episode 5.16

There will be an alternative, Jewish comic who dressed like a little girl and talks all "baby." Interesting...

The Killing
Episode 1.06 is entitled "Vengeance."

CSI: Miami
Episode 9.18 is entitled "About Face."

Not House, but Dr. Greg. A 30 year old, very good looking dooctor, he's impatient and an eyewitness to a murder.
He not only is an eye-witness, he gives a curiously detailed description of the killer... dun dun dun!
The storyline of the episode is that Natalia is kidnapped bya serial killer; the irony perhaps being he is wanting to show he is innocent...

Greys Anatomy
Episode 7.17

A patient of the week is called Sonya, and is a worldy women, and of Middle Eastern Descent.

An upcoming episode is entitled "The Blackout in the Blizzard."

Tariq Grazdan; an Eastern European man who deals in human trafficking.
And when someone shows up with signs of an extremely deadly virus, and a link forms to Tariq, it's up to the team to find this man...

Episode 4.02

Additional casting has been made to find Dr. Darryl Baldwin, a calm, relaxed & unflappable therapist.
Also in the episode is Tara Conway, a Veterinarion; the actress payin her needs to be comfortable with nudity!

Warehouse 13

A multiple episode arc character has seen a changed dasting call, known at the moment as Steve, he is goodlooking, smart and has a dry sense of humour.
Martial Arts are also a plus, make of that what you will.

Episode 7.29 is entitled "Food For Thought."

Odelin, mid 40's, Latino and likeable. What else could he be but a Hot Dog & Pretzel stand owner.
His stand happens to be losing business, due to a gourmet food court close-by. Does he have anything to say when the court's owner is murdered...
Also in the episode is a prostitute, who picks up clients from the gourmet food court as well as Langley, a Celebrity Chef and a**hole extraordinaire...

How I Met Your Mother
Episode 6.18 is entitled "Gaps."

The episode's storyline is a big one. Barney has a bittersweet reunion with someone he has never known. His dad!

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Episode 11.17 is entitled 'The F List."

Featuring in the episode is a corrupt cop who thinks he too clever to be caught. Odd are he will then :P
Speaking on the corupt cop storyline, theres another, planning to follow cliche and head to Mexico with a mistress...
The synopsis of the episode is that when a former cop is murdered in prison, the team begin by following the cop's claims he was framed.

Breaking Bad
Episode 4.03

Actress is wanted for Stephanie Doswell, a sturdy, very real estate agent. She takes no nonsense.
Also in the episode is a character known as "Hard Hat Guy." Doesn't really sound very important :P

The Cape
Episode 1.11 is entitled "A Game of Chess."

The episode sounds very Chess related, he gets to have a "romp" with sexy twins. Sounds like something no one wants to see tbf...

The Mentalist
Episode 3.18 is entitled "The Red Mile."

The episode features Elspeth Cook, a 60 year old non nonsense and very wealthy patrician matriarch of the illustrious Cook family!

Mad Love
Episode 1.13 is entitled "The Finale."

Tom stevens is Kate's high shool boyfrend, hes in town for old businss and wants to deal with it before she gets married...

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