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Terra Nova - Casting Call for 2 Series Regulars

Casting Director is looking for two Female Actors to become series regulars on the new FOX series, "Terra Nova".

"Terra Nova" is a new STEVEN SPIELBERG produced show about a group of humans from 2149 who travel back in time 85 million years and start civilization anew.

1.) FEMALE (mid-late 30s; any ethnicity) - DR. ELISABETH SHANNON. A renowned doctor specializing in biochemistry, Elisabeth is the mother of teenaged Josh and Maddy and 5-year-old Clementine - an illegal child, since the law in the year 2149 only allows families two children. Still technically married but estranged from her ex-cop (dirty cop, apparently) husband Jim, Elisabeth is a smart, warm, down-to-earth woman who, with her family, is part of the latest wave of settlers to emigrate via time portal to the Terra Nova settlement. Elisabeth is not only worried about her family's ability to settle in this strange new word, she's also worried about the repercussions of smuggling in their third child, and her deeply troubled relationship with Jim. SERIES REGULAR. DIVERSE ACTORS ONLY;

2.) FEMALE (30s; any ethnicity) - MIRA. Beautiful but battle-hardened, with wiry muscles stretched over a willowy frame, tough, uncompromising, Mira is the leader of a renegade colony near Terra Nova, called Triple Junction, whose people are characterized by Frank Taylor as being bitter, paranoid malcontents who couldn't adjust to life at Terra Nova. Mira makes no secret of her hatred and
contempt for Taylor and the colony, though her situation forces her to trade with them. Despite being the beloved and respected leader of her little band, Mira is deeply worried about her ability to lead them with limited resources, but she does her best to hide her vulnerability beneath the demeanor of a confident leader. She seems to have an insight into Terra Nova leader Frank Taylor that few have - and her opinion of him isn't good sptv050769. SERIES REGULAR DIVERSE ACTOR ONLY.

Source: New Faces