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Supernatural - Season 6 - Set Photos of Stunt

Thanks to Christine for the following.

I was on the set of a locally filmed popular CW TV series today when I was lucky enough to capture this stunt.
I have the whole sequence of the two stunt men falling a total of 4 floors onto a large airbag.

The two main stars of this production were standing by watching themselves fall to the ground below. I thought the stunt was perfect. They did the stunt again and filmed it from the inside of the room.

Source: newsflic

Supernatural was filming on the corner of Carnarvon Street and 8th Street is New Westminster today (August 9th). They were in a building across from The Old Spaghetti Factory called Arundel Mansions. It’s an older looking building. Pale yellow with a black iron fire escape. I was told that it was episode 4 season 6 but I highly doubt that since the fourth episode was the one Jensen directed and it was filmed first. I’m thinking it might have been the fourth episode as in the fourth one they’ve filmed. Making it episode 3. They were mainly using the fourth story of the building. One of the windows on that floor was broken through. I wasn’t there to catch it but apparently earlier two stunt doubles had crashed through it. Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins were all there. They also had 2 Impalas on location as well as the Dodge Charger.

From what I gathered the scene that was being shot was about Castiel and a character in a black suit falling through the fourth story window and landing on the Dodge Charger. The camera was positioned in the window in the building looking out. It would pan down and film Castiel and black suit guy lying on a green-screen replica of the Charger. Sam and Dean would appear in the same window as the camera and look down onto Castiel, suit guy and the car while (I’m assuming) a camera filmed them looking out the window.

Jared and Jensen got there and were moved inside the building pretty quickly. Just enough time for a couple touch ups. I got a couple pictures of Jensen getting his makeup fixed, but Jared with hidden by a van. After Jared and Jensen finished their looking out the window scenes, they sat off the side by another smaller window. Jared was goofing off and throwing something (gummy candies?) at Misha who was still lying on the green-screen car. At one point Misha managed to kick one of little things away.

Source: salsa-babe