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Persons Unknown - Here are some answers

Thanks to Brian for the heads up on the following info from Joanna Lipari on her facebook page.

Hi guys...I'm here and we can talk further tomorrow. I did want to wait until it aired out here in California.

So here are a few answers -- Janet's mother and I knew each other for many years...we were committed to the Program. In fact, part of the The Program was to have children that would have the right genetic makeup to advance the program -- hence Janet.

The purpose of the Program? Well, it might be misguided but it is a behavioral shaping program aimed at creating altruistic super leaders...thinks Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela. Folks who can withstand great stress to accomplish great good. But while the motive might be a good one -- does the end justify the means?

Angela Barragan and her sister, Helen (did anyone catch that for the first time, I was addressed by a name? And that name is Helen) were both part of the program but came to feel differently about it. They became enemies. Angela escaped the Program...but no one really escapes.

As to a second season -- no, I don't think so. Of course, you never know. But it looks like NBC isn't really interested in the show.

Re negative comments on other message boards: I have never been involved in any project (even ones incredibly successful) that didn't get its share of negative comments. For me personally, of course I want people to like my work. But if they don't, they don't. Being an artist is about the courage to keep creating even in the face of criticism, cynicism, negativism, whatever. I do my job and hope folks like it. Those that don't...well, I hate lima beans...it's not the lima bean's fault. Just not my taste.

@ Rachel --re Blackham knowing Charlie's wife's name...well, frankly, that IS a cliffhanger...and is supposed to be tantalizing to the audience and a tease for season 2. And boy, it was a great one for me! I LOVE that scene. Those two actors are really great guys and I thought they did a fantastic job. I only read that in the script. I only saw it for the first time myself as you did. I thought they were amazing.

Joe Hunter @ Archie While I think it was strange that he went back to the town AGAIN, it does not mean that he is in level 1 just because he is with level 1 people. In fact, performing as a mole suggests that an individual would need to be quite high in the hierarchy and someone who has proven himself to The Program.

@ Joe...I think you are right. But two things -- Joe is again performing the same function as he did originally so he hasn't progressed. (From my POV playing the Director, I'm punishing him by making him repeat and hoping that I can redeem him.) and TWO, I've put RENBE in with him!!! That's an added stressor for both of them. How that plays out, I have no idea -- either as the actor or the character. That's where the writers have seeded a plot for the next season and us actors are pretty clueless how it will play out.