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Mega Buzz - 08/24/10

Any more hints about the couple getting married on Grey's Anatomy? — Janelle
You'll find out soon enough. In the meantime, the second episode of the season will feature a near-proposal involving another fan-favorite couple (one half of which may or may not be pictured above). Before you reach for your Kleenex, though, ask yourself: Does this guy really want to get married?

Stefan seemed different in the Vampire Diaries finale. Where is he heading? — Katherine
Interestingly, it's Katherine's arrival that awakens something in Stefan. "He accepts that he's a vampire more; he's less plagued by being a victim and being run over by his brother," Paul Wesley says. "He becomes more proactive, and he knows how to have fun sometimes." In other words, get ready for Freaky Friday: Sibling Vampire Edition.

Will Ray Langston change after being stabbed by Nate Haskell on CSI? — Bill
"All of our characters will be recovering from the events of the finale," executive producer Carol Mendelsohn tells us, adding cryptically that Ray "will have lost something in the attack." She also let slip that Haskell will return to Vegas to stand trial. "Our current plan is to have Nate Haskell defend himself, and anything goes — including putting Langston on the stand!"

Is Vanessa Williams just playing a version of Wilhelmina on Desperate Housewives? Because I would hate that. — Maureen
I wouldn't say that exactly. She plays Renee Perry, Lynette's college "frenemy" who is also the estranged wife of a professional football player. From what I understand, she is no stranger to fine jewelry, treating her household staff poorly, and infidelity. Infer what you will.

Why is Beckett getting another boyfriend on Castle? Can't she and Castle get together already? — Melinda
"If you don't create obstacles, the flirtation will lead to something much sooner than the audience wants," creator Andrew Marlowe tells us. But he promises the roadblocks, including Castle's reunion with his ex-wife, aren't just there for the sake of keeping the characters apart. "Part of our metaphor in the early stretch of the season is that these two people, who many feel belong together, 'married' the wrong people," Marlowe says. "So, we're rooting for them to wake up and find each other again."

Wow! President Logan on Big Love? I'm in! — Matt
Matt, would you be surprised if I told you that the man who played 24's most devious commander-in-chief, Gregory Itzin, is going to play a political adversary to Bill? "I am very judgmental of him because of what he did," Itzin tell us. "I feel he betrayed his constituents. He told them one thing and then did another." The Utah state senator better watch his back, though: This ain't Bill's first time at the character-debate rodeo.

Got anything new on CSI: Miami? — Hugh
Apparently Bones isn't the only show dedicating an episode to reality TV. We're hearing that an upcoming episode of Miami will feature four stars of a fictional reality show called the The Boroughs. One is described as a "shirtless god" and another plunges to her death during a red carpet event.

I can't wait to LOL at more Modern Family. Scoop? — Tom
Exclusive, context-free scoop! In an upcoming episode, Phil has this line: "Sorry, I burnt my ladyfingers." In other Pritchett news, who would watch a documentary series about Cameron as an overbearing stage parent? [Raises hand.] We'll get a taste of that program when Lily lands a small role in a commercial that pays homage to a classic B movie.

I haven't heard much about Parenthood's new season. Can you help? — Rachel
I smell a new love interest for Mae Whitman's Amber: her SAT tutor. The only problem is that he's more interested in a friend of hers — oh, and drugs. Will that stop Amber? The character is set to recur, so it sounds like it won't.

I love Community and I've heard that Betty White is going to be on. Any other guest stars? — Terry
I'm hearing that the producers are circling a big name star to guest in a Pierce-centric episode that happens later in the season. In it, the mischievous leader of a group of older students called the "hipsters" — so named after the surgical procedure they've all had — attempts to "steal" Pierce from the study group. If producers have their way, it'll be a fun little only-on-TV reunion.

What more can you tell me about the Smallville premiere? — Allen
I can tell you that it ends with a twist that executive producer Kelly Souders says "rocks [Clark's] world and sends him on a different trajectory. ... He realizes that he's not the guy that everybody looks to when they think of Superman, an inspirational totally pure-hearted guy. That's not who Clark Kent is right now, and that becomes very clear to him."

Do you have any Chuck scoop about Casey? —Melanie
We'll meet two former members of Casey's Special Ops team. One will be as grounded as the other is skittish. They'll also, oddly, kind of remind you of Justin "I'm a Mac" Long and John "I'm a PC" Hodgman.

Adam's Mega Rave: Rescue Me has been on fire lately, culminating in Tuesday's cliff-hanger that left Lou and Damien's lives in the balance. No matter who lives or dies, the show is clearly proving it's not afraid to take risks.

Mickey's Mini Rant:
Sookie's not the only one who thinks it's "f---ing lame" that she's a fairy.

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