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Latest from Fancast - Various Shows - 24th August 2010

Thanks to Esteban for the heads up.

With Alex O’Loughlin starring in the new ‘Hawaii Five-0‘ (premiering Sept. 20, CBS), I would love to see this hottie in an on-screen romance. Any scoop on that? – Amy
Will there be onscreen romance for Alex’s Steve McGarrett? “Goodness gracious, yes!” a (female) source assures The Big Tease. In fact, just three or four episodes into the season, you can count on some seriously “hot ‘n heavy action” for Hawaii’s top cop.

On September 13, ‘Hawaii Five-0‘ premieres at Sunset On The Beach in Waikiki. Which actors will attend the premiere? Alex O’Loughlin, perhaps? – Karen
I am happy to say that the entire ‘Five-0′ ensemble – AO’L included – will be there. Aloha!

Can we expect to see more of Parker this season on ‘Bones‘? That kiddo is just too cute to be off screen for so long. – Amanda
It won’t be long at all ’til you spy the rugrat: Booth’s son – still played by Ty Panitz – shows up in the September 23 premiere.

Temperance wore some strikingly beautiful silver jewelry during the first few years of ‘Bones,’ and I have never seen any jewelry similar. Can you tell me something about it? – Georgeann
According to the show, there are two L.A-based designers they use to accessorize Brennan: Aklia Chinn of Aklia, and Kate Lindsay of Kate Lindsay Designs.com.

Got anything on ‘Supernatural‘? – Beth
Jared Padalecki will seize the spotlight as Season 6 launches Sept. 24, when “Sam comes back under mysterious circumstances – as people tend to do when they get out of Hell!” show runner Sera Gamble shares with a chuckle. And though the bros have the Apocalypse behind them, don’t worry about them kicking back with historically disposable love interests. “No, what the boys need is to be hunters, to save people while probably suffering a lot in their personal life on every level,” says Gamble. “That’s what makes them heroes.”

Will the fact that Tony and Gibbs missed Ziva’s citizenship ceremony in the ‘NCIS‘ season finale be addressed in the Sept. 21 premiere or any episode after? – Lyss
I asked around for you, Lyss, and that topic does not come up, at least in the first few episodes of Season 8.

Matt, I was hoping for any scoop on the ‘Smallville‘ episode “Isis.” – Chrisluvstom via Twitter
As revealed by Kryptonsite, “Isis” is this season’s fifth episode, and there’s been speculation over what/who exactly the title refers to. I have confirmed this much: Although DC lore does boast an Isis character (born of a live-action Saturday-morning series I was addicted to as a lad – “Oh Mighty Isis!”), ‘Smallville’ is serving up a non-branded Egyptian goddess – though the eagle-eyed may catch a wink-wink to the DC heroine.

Can you confirm that Allison Mack will only be in five episodes of ‘Smallville‘ this season? – Jessica
At first glance, that tally seemed skimpy, but it’s the real deal. As Chloe’s portrayer – now starring in the Broadway play ‘Love, Loss and What I Wore’ – told the New York Post, “I didn’t feel comfortable walking away from the show, and my character, without a completion. So I committed to doing five episodes to giving her the ending I think she deserves.”

Any scoop on my favorite ‘Glee‘ couple, Tina and Artie? – Dee
Oh, you haven’t heard? Those two are totes dunzo when Season 2 arrives on September 21. Kevin McHale reveals how Artie blew it big-time in this video Q&A.

I am in love with ‘Covert Affairs.’ Any scoop? And if you wanna be extra nice, I’d love for it to be about Ben (played by Eion Bailey)! – Melissa
As the double-episode, September 14 season-ender nears, I’ve been promised that there will be “a lot of Ben.” Yet at the same time poor Annie will be left to wonder – more than ever – who she can and cannot trust.

Any goodies on ‘Hellcats,’ ‘Nikita’ or ‘No Ordinary Family‘ (premiering Sept. 28, ABC)? – HellcatsNewsTV via Twitter
I choose door #3 and present this video Q&A with Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz. (P.S. I apologize to Buffyverse fans for brainfarting that Julie “died” like 17 times before her ‘Dexter’ demise.)

Thanks for the scoop on ‘Royal Pains‘ new and returning guest stars. But I hope that Brooke D’Orsay is back in the winter, too! “Paigan” = the best ‘RP’ ’ship to date. – Rivier via Twitter
Worry not, the ‘Drop Dead Diva’ beauty will be back as Paige when Season 1.5 arrives in January.

I heard that an ingénue by the name of Amelia Pedlow, a local gal from Philly, will have a part on ‘The Good Wife.’ Any truth to the rumors? – Alan
We here at Fancast – a Comcast site – do love the City Of Brotherly Love, so here’s a shout-out to the local girl done good: Pedlow is guest-starring in the second episode of the season as Daria Joyce, the girlfriend of a soldier who was killed in Afghanistan.

Is ‘Pretty Little Liars‘ returning to let us know if Allison is really alive? Surely they are not leaving us with the way it has ended! – Yolanda
They will not leave you hanging, and stop calling me Shirley. ‘PLL’ will likely resume its freshman run sometime in January. To bide the time, check out my video Q&A with Bryce Johnson (aka Officer Wilden), who hopes to have one of the girls behind bars by season’s end.

Is ‘Big Bang Theory’s move to Thursday the kiss of death for this intelligent and funny show? I note that it will now directly compete with another highly original sitcom, ‘Community.’ Thank heavens for DVR and On Demand. – Jim
Listen, you’re talking to the guy who questioned moving ‘Big Bang’ to the après-’Two And A Half Men’ slot. Result: the gangbustiest ratings ever. Exec producer Chuck Lorre is among those who urge us all to trust CBS. “One assumes they’ve given it a lot of thought, so if they think this is a good call, then that’s great,” he says. “Our job is to make a good show… [to] grow the crops. We don’t have the truck that brings them to market.” To bolster ‘Big Bang’s chances, CBS is running a promotional blitz as we speak, and loading up on winning guest stars such as Mayim Bialik (back in the Sept. 23 premiere as Sheldon’s “perfect match,” Amy Farrah Fowler), Laurie Metcalf (playing Sheldon’s mom) and Apple founder Steve Wozniak as… Apple founder Steve Wozniak.

Is Dillon Casey returning to ‘The Vampire Diaries‘ as Noah? – Johanna
Sorry, Jo, but this is an instance where IMDb “bites.” Says exec producer Julie Plec, ” There is nothing scheduled for him currently.” ‘TVD’ returns Sept. 9.

Source: Fancast

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