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Question: We already know that Booth met someone during Bones‘ time jump. But what about Brennan? She didn’t actually go an entire year without romance, did she? —Missy

Ausiello: No, she didn’t. She went seven months without getting any. That’s technically how much time will have passed when the season starts up. In related news, Brennan is in what exec producer Stephen Nathan calls a “surprising situation” when we meet up with her on that archaeological dig in Indonesia.

Question: I love your Bones scoops. Could I pretty please have another one? —Chandler

All this talk about a Bones character getting killed off may be much ado about bupkes. “Whether or not we’re going to have an actual fatality is still under discussion,” maintains Nathan. “And if it happens, it would be later in the season.”

Question: I need some Chuck scoop! —Taylor

Captain Awesome won’t be reviving his short-lived career as international superspy anytime soon. “Last season Awesome realized if there was one place in the world where he wasn’t awesome, it was on spy missions,” notes exec producer Chris Fedak. “He’d like to stay as far away from the spy world as he can.” That’s particularly true now that there’s a mini Awesome on the way. “He is going to be way more into all of the rituals of pregnancy than even Ellie is,” says fellow EP Josh Schwartz of the daddy-to-be. “Like all things in life, Awesome is going to throw himself into the pregnancy with his usual fervor.”

Question: I have a letter written by Bing Crosby to my mother from 1944 along with the envelope. Is this something you might be interested in? —Susanne

That depends. Did it contain any cash?

Question: Can you give us Smallville fans any juicy Lois and Clark spoilers? —Wahyu

Episode 6, titled “Harvest,” contains some good Clois action. “It’s a creepy ghost town episode, and Lois and Clark find themselves forced together,” reveals exec producer Brian Peterson. “He doesn’t have his powers, and she finds out a lot more about him than she thought she knew.”

Question: Any word on Calleigh and Eric’s romance on CSI: Miami? —Lila

A few words, actually. “They will spend some time assessing their relationship,” reveals exec producer Marc Dube. “It could go either way…but Delko’s return is about getting back to being a CSI. He missed it.” Adds fellow EP Barry O’Brien: “You may see that relationship evolve in a way that surprises even us, the writers. We’re kind of letting it grow right now on its own.”

Question: Any scoop about a possible comeback for Andrea Bowen on Desperate Housewives? —Ingmar

As I previously reported, Bowen will not be back as a series regular this season. Exec producer Bob Daily, however, says viewers have not seen the last of Julie. “We try to find something for her every year if we can,” he notes. “We have this revolving repertory company of people that keep reappearing—like Danielle Katz, who’s coming back for an episode as Bree’s daughter.”

Question: What the bloody hell?! You haven’t had anything about True Blood—the hottest show on television—in forever. Has the mighty Ausiello lost his mojo in getting a good scoop? —Angi

It’s not lost, just a little rusty. This should turn things around: If you’re at all curious about the ins and outs of werewolf sex, then be sure to watch this season’s final two episodes.

Question: Please, tell me that Scotty and Kevin are not going to have an open marriage on Brothers & Sisters this season. —Maria

Scotty and Kevin are not going to have an open marriage on Brothers & Sisters this season. Exec producer David Marshall Grant threw cold water on my theory when I spoke to him last week. “Big Love it won’t be,” he said with a laugh. “But there are some unexpected developments in their relationship.”

Question: Any new One Tree Hill scoop? —Ryan

The rumors are true: Life is imitating art for Bethany Joy Galeotti, who’s expecting her first child this winter. There’s also buzz that Galeotti has informed One Tree Hill producers that she will not be sticking around beyond this season, but a source close to the show tells me that’s hogwash. (Yes, he/she actually used the word hogwash.)

Question: Got any really good Grey’s Anatomy scoop on Meredith and Derek? —Megan

We’ll finally sneak a peek at their Dream House this season. “We’re going to start the construction on the Dream House,” reveals exec producer Shonda Rhimes. “We’ve been talking a lot about what that means, what it looks like. We’re actually going to see it [later] this season.”

Question: We’ve heard about how so many Grey’s Anatomy characters will be acting post-shooting, but what about Alex? The guy dragged himself, bleeding, into an elevator and was operated on in a conference room without drugs! The guy has to have some issues coming! —Cristina

Not so much, actually. His reaction to the big Seattle Grace Shooting Massacre of ’10 will be…very Alex. “There’s a lot of bravado,” explains Rhimes. “He tells stories about how he almost got the shooter and how he’s carrying this bullet around in his chest. He’s covering all of that vulnerability he showed when he got shot with that [typical] Alex behavior.” He at least lets his guard down around Lexi, right? Wrong. “He’s kind of cold to Lexi,” says Rhimes. “He talks about how easy it is to get laid now because all the women think he’s a hero.”

Question: My birthday is this Thursday, so I think I deserve some House scoop. I miss Jennifer Morrison and I was wondering if she is still returning for a few episodes this season. —Jen

Producers have an option to bring her back for three episodes, but it remains to be seen if that option will be exercised. My guess is it will, but not until later in the season.

Question: Any word on if we will see House babysitting Cuddy’s baby this season on House? —Janine

We will. An early season 7 eppy will find Dr. Crankydoodle spending some one-on-one time with little Rachel. The playdate will underscore one of the biggest challenges facing Huddy. “She’s a single parent, and I think it’s only right that we deal with that issue,” says exec producer Katie Jacobs. “House is her significant other, and she also has a kid. We will explore the reality of what that means and how willing Cuddy is at first to share Rachel and expose her child to the relationship. And because it is a real relationship, I think she feels obligated to.”

Question: When does the 10-episode final season of Greek premiere? —Emily

Sometime in January. Speaking of which, the final day of shooting is Aug. 26. I’ll be hosting a group hug that morning aboard Los Angeles-bound American Airlines flight # [spoiler alert]. Let’s meet outside the rear lavatory at around, say, 10 a.m. ET.

Question: Will we ever learn Cappie’s real name on Greek? —Lou

Yes. In the series finale.

Question: What did CW prez Dawn Ostroff mean when she said at press tour that Dean will be like Sam and Sam will be like Dean on Supernatural this season? —Isaiah

Let’s ask exec producer Sera Gamble. “When we start the season we very consciously riffed a little bit on season 1 in that Dean is out of the business and Sam comes for him,” she explains. “When we started the series, Sam had attachments. He had a girlfriend he was really serious about, and he had retired from hunting essentially. Dean was this very intense hunter who came for his brother. On the surface anyway, the situation is reversed at the beginning of the season.”

Question: What will happen on The Office now that Dwight owns the building? —Adam

Well, for one thing all the thermostats will be caged, locked, and set to a below-freezing temperature.

Question: Any scoop on what’s going to happen to Dell’s orphaned daughter Betsy on Private Practice? —Afton

I hear an entire episode will be devoted to answering that very question.

Question: Will Dr. Fife be around on Private Practice this season? There is a special Smurf clue in it for you if you can find out. —Amanda

There’s a very good chance we’ll see him, but not until later in the season. His portrayer, Michael Patrick Thornton, is taking some time off to do a play. What’s the clue? There’d better be a damn clue. I’ve keyed people’s cars for less.

Question: You disappoint me, Mr. Ausiello. Last week’s NCIS spoiler was such old news! Can we please have some NEW dirt? —Annabelle

Gibbs Sr. survived the cliff-hanger, and this exclusive image (look over to your left!) from NCIS‘ Sept. 21 season premiere proves it. I can’t vouch for his well-being by the end of the episode, but he’s alive and, well, a little freaked out at the beginning. Am I off the hook now?!

Question: Please tell me some good Castle scoop about Castle and Beckett. —Ilaira

This is probably more bad than good, but Monet Mazur is confirmed to reprise her role as Castle’s ex Gina in this season’s fifth episode.

Question: I need a Castle scoop that’s not about Castle and Beckett. Can you tell us anything about Alexis’ new boyfriend, aside from the fact that he is on The Secret Life of the American Teenager? —Katie

Can I let exec producer Andrew W. Marlowe tell you instead? I’m starting to drag a little as I near the end of this week’s column. “Ultimately, it is an Alexis/Castle story,” says the boss of Alexis’ first real romance. “What we’re doing this year is challenging Castle as a father. It’s inevitable that Alexis is going to grow up, and he’s been encouraging her to test boundaries. And when she does, it will be interesting to see his reaction to that. I think there will be some fatherly pride in her testing boundaries, but he’ll also respond as a typical father.”

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