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Latest from Ausiello - Various Shows - 12th August 2010

Question: I think you’re awesome. You know what would make you even more awesome? Some Glee scoop. ASAP, or I’ll die. It will be on your conscience. — Pablo
Ausiello: Curiously, I think I’m awesome, too. But I’m also cripplingly insecure—hey, don’t laugh; I am!—so I appreciate the positive reinforcement. Now for that awesomeness-increasing scoop: The show’s season 2 stud muffin, Chord Overstreet, tells us that McKinley High may be about to go the way of All About Eve. “I join the Glee Club and also the football team,” he reveals. “I start off as Finn’s friend, [but] by the end, I slowly become more of his competition [and] give him a run for his money. He doesn’t like that I do both of the things he does, and I do them pretty well, if I do say so myself.” What about Rachel? Will he be a rival for her attention as well? “There are lots of single characters on the show, so who knows?” he non-answers. My guess? He’ll turn out to be the love interest for Kurt that we’ve all heard about. Who agrees with me? Hit the comments!

Question: Is Jan ever going to come back to The Office? —Jordan
Ausiello: Yes! Melora Hardin will reprise her role as Michael’s former boss/lover in this season’s fourth episode, written and directed by showrunner/co-star Paul Lieberstein. “Michael comes in with what he thinks is a pimple, but is revealed to be a cold sore,” explains Lieberstein. “He learns that a cold sore is a form of herpes and so he gets the idea that he has to contact all the women he’s ever been with to tell them.”

Question: What else do we know about Beckett’s new love interest on Castle? —Jonathan
Ausiello: I don’t know what else we know, but I know he’ll be a biker. I also know he won’t be in every episode. “I think [viewers] need to know that Castle and Beckett are in other relationships, but they don’t necessarily need to see those people all the time,” says exec producer Andrew Marlowe. “And then they’ll show up from time-to-time to remind the audiences that they’re in relationships.”

Question: The new Smallvile promo shows Chloe holding Dr. Fate’s helmet, but what I want to know is if she actually puts it on? —Thom
Ausiello: Y** she does.

Question: Your Grey’s Anatomy spoiler in last week’s AA freaked me out. Derek goes to jail?! Why?! I’m an earthquake survivor, have some compassion. —Fefy
Ausiello: If I had a dime for every time an AA reader played the earthquake card I’d have a, er, dime. Props for the originality. Here’s your answer: Derek gets arrested for being a speed addict. “He’s doing a lot of speeding—in a car, not with drugs,” explains Grey’s EP Shonda Rhimes. “He’s on an exuberant high, that adrenaline rush that one gets after facing death and surviving. It’s something we hadn’t explored before—the idea that when something bad happens you go to a place of, ‘Now I can do anything.’ Meredith, however, sees his behavior as dangerous.” That’s one of two ticking time bombs hanging over the world’s first married-via-Post-it note couple this season. And the other? Two months have passed since Derek’s near-death experience and Mer has yet to tell him about the pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage. Yikes!

Question: Any scoop on Callie and Arizona on Grey’s Anatomy? Is the baby drama over and done with? —Jen
Ausiello: The baby drama is over, but that doesn’t mean the stork will pay them a visit this fall. Explains Rhimes: “Will there be a baby right away? No. Will Callie’s turnaround [about having children] stick? Yes.”

Question: Last week’s NCIS scoop was kinda lame. My socks weren’t knocked off—maybe pulled halfway down, but not knocked off. Got anything else this week? —Chelsea
Ausiello: This should do the trick: The hit procedural will air an origin episode or two this season, according to exec producer Shane Brennan . “You’ll find out how certain members of the team first came to NCIS,” reveals the big boss, who all but confirms that said episodes will feature flashbacks. “It’ll be hard to do them without flashbacks.” Where are your socks now, Chelsea?!

Question: Any chance you could give us the title of Chuck‘s third episode? And if you’re feeling extra generous, an extra scoop on top of that? —Conor
Ausiello: “Chuck vs. the Cubic Z,” is the title of episode 3. And since I am feeling extra generous, the title of episode 4 is “Chuck vs. the Coup d’état.”

Question: Who will inherit the role of rotating Buy More spy “Greta” in Chuck‘s fourth episode? —Joel
Ausiello: Funny you should ask. “We don’t have a Greta in episode 4,” says exec producer Chris Fedak. Adds fellow EP Josh Schwartz: “The Buy More is not in that episode. Chuck’s away on a mission.”

Question: I just watched the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars and loved it! It is such a great show. Please tell me you have some scoop on the second half of season 1. —Ashley
Ausiello: Aria will still be doing naughty things with her teacher when the soap returns. “The affair with Mr. Fitz is my character’s main storyline, so I assume it will continue and become more complicated,” says Lucy Hale. “It is fun to play, and he’s a hot teacher.” It’s also “nice and illegal,” points out Ian Harding (a.k.a. Mr. Fitz). “I am just glad the actress I play it with is nice and legal in real life. That would be weird and creepy if she wasn’t. And let’s be honest—it’s not like I am 50 or something. I am a pretty young teacher.”

Question: How long will Olivia be behind bars in the alt-universe on Fringe? —Grace
Ausiello: Sounds like she’ll be sprung well before November sweeps. “I don’t want to spoil it, but I think it is safe to say she is not going to spend too much time stuck in a cell,” says Anna Torv. “That’s not her bag…. I don’t know how she will get home though. Remember how much energy and planning it took to get the others home in the finale?”

Question: The wedding blind item you posted has to be Peter and Olivia from Fringe, only the biggest shocker is that it’s actually Bolivia (bad Olivia) from the other side. —Caroline
Ausiello: Compelling theory. Too bad it’s wrong. But you bring up a good point: Given the intimate moment Peter and Olivia shared in the finale, Fauxlivia may not be able to keep up her little ruse for long. “I guess we will see how similar they really are,” Torv says with a wink. “You have to wonder how long Fauxlivia can stay undercover with him.”

Question: I just bought the first season of Vampire Diaries and watched every episode back-to-back. Can you help out a new (sleep-deprived) fan with any Season 2 spoilers that may have popped up since Comic-Con? —Brandon
Ausiello: At Sunday’s Teen Choice Awards, Katerina Graham told us that Bonnie will become “even less tolerant” of the vampires this season. “She is going to become quite the power player among the supernatural [set]. I think she is going to be noticed by some of the big baddies this season. She is gaining powers rapidly this season so I encourage all the villains and the bad boyfriends to stay clear of the Bennett witch!”

Question: Do you happen to have any spoilers on the two-hour NCIS: Los Angeles season premiere? —MJ
Ausiello: It’ll be the “Kensi and Marty Deeks show,” reveals exec producer Shane Brennan, referring to the spin-off’s nascent crime-solving duo played by Daniela Ruah and newly-minted series regular Eric Christian Olsen. “The banter they are writing for us is hilarious,” adds Ruah. “I burst out laughing during table reads. I think our viewers are going to really appreciate the addition [of Eric].”

Question: One Cougar Town scoop, please. —Alex
Ausiello: Would you like that to stay or to go? Before you answer, I should warn you: There’s a crazy lady named Alison harassing customers in the dining area. Your order’s ready! “There’s a big Dirty Dancing episode coming up with Jules,” reveals CT exec producer Kevin Biegel. “It’s not a parody of the movie, it’s just the actual dancing. I think we’re going to pair up Jules and Andy [Ian Gomez]. They might have a proclivity for it.”

Question: When will we learn whose baby was switched on Desperate Housewives? —Kim
Ausiello: Within the first 10 minutes of the season premiere.

Question: Any scoop on Justin Bieber’s CSI episode? —Chris
Ausiello: I think you mean episodes. According to exec producer Carol Mendelsohn, the pop phenom will appear in the season premiere and then again in episode 15, which is slated to air in February. “He plays Jason McCain, a troubled teenager who is faced with a difficult decision regarding his older brother,” she says. “We think he’s this really good kid who’s put in this very bad situation. But we will get a glimmer at the end of the [premiere] that perhaps he’s not the good kid we thought.”

Question: Any juicy spoilers on who’s coming out of the closet on 90210? I need more hints than just Liam, Navid, or Teddy! —Jacob
Ausiello: One of them will soon be making out with actor Kyle Riabko. Sources confirm to me exclusively that the Broadway vet—he succeeded Glee‘s Jonathan Groff as the male lead in Spring Awakening—has been cast as [spoiler]‘s love interest.

Question: I’m still not clear on how exactly Castiel fits into Supernatural‘s new monster-heavy theme this season. —Kim
Ausiello: I’ll let EP Sera Gamble take this one. “Castiel is a full-powered angel,” she explains. “He was restored at the end of last season. He went back up to Heaven, and Heaven is kind of a mess. Dark angels are locked in the basement. It’s kind of chaotic. He has what he feels is a mission to clean things up. That’s where we start him off. He also has a very personal relationship with the boys. That also continues. That’s where we start him this season. He’s in a very interesting position. He’s sort of caught between the problems of Heaven and the problems of Sam and Dean on Earth.”

Question: Any Private Practice scoop? —Rose
Ausiello: I’m hearing something about a twist in the season premiere involving one of the show’s main couples.

Source: EW