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Chuck - Season 4 - Patricia Rae Interview

Thanks to our good friend andryanatomy from http://www.chuckbartowski.it for sending us the following.

1. Did you watch the show “Chuck” before getting into it? How would you judge it?
I had only scene previews. But after I was cast I started watching and realized what a funny, and creative show it was. And I think Zachary Levi is such a talented comedic actor. He is brilliant at the subtle comedy. But everyone on the show is so good!

2. Can you talk about your audition for Chuck? What happened there?
When I got the appointment for Chuck I went straight to producers. The night before I made sure to watch an episode on nbc.com so that I could understand the rhythm of the show. I do that before any TV auditions. I knew the character so well… she just seemed very familiar to me, and I just knew that I was going to get the job when I left the room. A few hours later the casting director called my manager and they “pinned” me (put me on hold).

3. Your first appereance as Bolonia in “Chuck” was in the episode “Chuck vs The Suburbs” of the second season. How’s been your first experience in the show?
I had a really fun time. When I first met Mark, we sat down and talked about what we did on our “first date”… until we got familiar with each other. Because I didn’t want the kiss to seem like we had never kissed before. I wanted it to feel like we were already in a relationship, even though it was the first time I had laid eyes on him.

4. In the same episode you had to kiss Mark Chirstopher Lawrence (Big Mike). We noticed that you and Mark are really good friends in the real life. In fact, in one of your latest tweets you said “My TV boo is always thinking of me!”. Can you talk about your relationship with Mark?
Mark is a very generous actor and he always mentions Bolonia in his interviews about Chuck. I did become very good friends with Mark and Scott Krinsky. In fact, I cast them in my partner, Matteo Ribaudo’s (he is Italiano)
movie called “Silverlake Video the Movie”. Matteo wrote those parts with Mark and Scott in mind. And they are hilarious in the movie.

5. If we’re not wrong, you met the other members of the cast. When we interviewed Mark Christopher Lawrence, Fahim Anwar and Jesse Heiman, they said that there are no problem between the actors and the crew. Can you say the same?
Everybody on the set is amazing from the cast, to the crew, to the producers. They make it feel like home. The first time I met Zachary, he hugged me and said “Welcome to the family”.

6. How did they accepted you? Tell us about your first day on the set, please.
They treated me with respect and professionalism. The role was originally cast as a possible recurring. But the producers liked where I was going with the character, and wrote more for her.

7. In Twitter you said several times that you will be a recurring guest star in season four. Can you confirm?
Unfortunately I can’t confirm for sure, but in the season finale of the second season, I caught Ellie’s flowers at the reception… they never aired that ending. But it made me think that the producers always planned for Big Mike and Bolonia to wed. I am just putting it out into the universe!

8. Last month we had a chat with Mark Christopher Lawrence, live from San Diego. He said that maybe in season four Big Mike marries Bolonia. We know that you can’t spoil much, but can you confirm it and/or add something?
Maybe… he has plans to marry Bolonia… I think he might be asking a certain someone… I hope.

9. Can you tell us in which episodes will you work? We already know the titles of the first seven episodes, so you can mention them without problems.
No. I wish I knew… but I have to be positive and assume that they would want me back. It just makes it more interesting when you get involved in the characters personal lives…after all, I am connecting to two characters… and I always thought it would be funny if Bolonia had to save Morgan from danger… now that he is a spy. Bolonia the “spy”. Now that’s comedy!

10. Joshua Gomez plays your son in the show. How’s been working with him on the set?
Joshua Gomez is a very funny person. And he is sweet and warm. I like playing his mother.

11. Morgan doesn’t like much the fact that Bolonia and Big Mike are together. In your opinion, how would he react, if you and Mike were getting married?
I know he is going to be open to his red hot mama being happy!

12. Do you know if Big Mike is still the manager of the Buy More?
I am not sure… but he better have a good job! I’m expensive.

13. Have you already worked on the set or you will later? Can you say to us the precise date?
I have not been back this season. Yet.

14. Would you like if Bolonia were involved in Chuck’s spy life?
Absolutely! I think they should do a South American story line where they use Bolonia as a decoy… and she gets into all kinds of problemas!

15. Can you describe Bolonia with your words? Do you have a lot of things in common with her in the real life?
I am a mother. And I am Latina. And I am fiery. So, yes I do resemble her in many ways. I think she is a woman who is looking for someone who really loves her. And he doesn’t have to be a model, he just has to be a man! And Bolonia has been waiting for a real man for a long time.

16. IMDb says you’re actually working on the set of “Detachment” with stars like Lucy Liu and Adrien Brody. Can you say something about your role in this movie and your experience on its set?
I met some really gracious actors on that set. And I learned some valuable lessons. Marcia Gay Harden and Blythe Danner are really generous actors. I would love to work with them again. I am also a recurring on a new show called “Ride Along” with Jennifer Beals. It is going to be fantastic.

17. In Twitter we elected our mascotte, Bailey. She’s 10 years old now and she has already met the entire cast of Chuck. Bailey also created a project to make Yvonne Strahovski come on the Ellen Show, hosted by Ellen Degeneres. In September 7th at 7-8am EST a lot of fans will tweets to @TheEllenShow many replies where they say they want Yvonne on the show. In every tweets there will be this word: #YvonneOnEllen. We’re wondering if you can join us. Will you help us?
Of course… please remind me.

18. What do you think about Italy?
I love Italy. I love Italian food. Matteo is an excellent cook, and I have learned many delicious recipes from him. I have only been to Venice, but hope to go back soon, and travel all over Italy.

19. And about the italian kitchen?
Italian food makes me want to sing.

20. Thank you so much for accepting to be interviewed by us. We’re so glad to talk to an amazing actress like you. Please, cheers the fans of the website www.chuckbartowski.it and the fans all over the world who are waiting for this interview.
Il mio piacere! Ciao. Un bacio!

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