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The Big Tease - August 17

Thanks to perlnoir for the heads up.

I’m a fan of ‘House.’ Is there any news? – Sunshiner
If only because Olivia Wilde brings so much pretty to the screen, I asked EP Katie Jacobs for just how long Thirteen will be MIA when the new season picks up. Katie though refused to give me a number, explaining in this red carpet video, “It’s linked to narrative. When Thirteen does come back, it’s not like she’s just going to be sitting in the office doing a diagnosis. There’s a real reason why she had to leave – it’s surprising and juicy and it deepens her character and our understanding of her.” Wilde’s return also won’t necessarily dictate a hasty exit for Amber Tamblyn’s newbie.

Will we see Cam with Dr. Paul this season on ‘Bones‘? – Smurfs
“I’m not sure if I’m still with the doctor,” Tamara Taylor says of Cam’s somewhat awkward hook-up with her daughter’s OBGYN. “We’ll see!” Which is not to say there won’t be palpable romance beyond whatever’s going on with Brennan and Booth. After all, Angela and Hodgins are kicking back in Paris when they are beckoned back to D.C. after a seven-month absence. “It has been very romantic – lots of berets, cheese and wine, ” Michaela Conlin tells me. But with that one frantic phone call, “The honeymoon has ended,” she sighs. “They have to get back to reality.”

I’ve heard nothing so far on ‘Desperate Housewives‘ and the baby switch. Can you offer a clue about who on Wisteria Lane has been raising a child that isn’t hers? – Kira
I only recently learned the identity of the unwitting Housewife – who is or isn’t pictured with this column – and I’ll say that she wasn’t my first pick. But because of that, I’m extra curious to see how this storyline plays out. I also will note that this “switch” story isn’t just about the kid who isn’t hers, but also the child she didn’t get to raise. I suspect that’s where the emotional oomph of this story will come from.

I’m dying to know more about what’s gonna happen on Season 2 of ‘NCIS: LA.’ – judy1987 via Twitter
Fun fact: ‘NCIS: LA’ is getting a two-hour Season 2 premiere not to uncork some super-sized, pyrotechnics-filled “event,” but merely to appease CBS’ scheduling gods. Nonetheless, series boss Shane Brennan loves the double dip “because the first hour reintroduces Marty Deeks (played by new series regular Eric Christian Olsen) in a very interesting way, and then in the second hour the audience gets to see him be part of the team.” To that end, Shane’s confident he’s captured lightning by pairing Deeks with Daniela Ruah’s Kensi: “The chemistry… it just pops.”

Will Claire Forlani or Madchen Amick be back on ‘CSI: NY‘ as Mac Taylor’s potential love interest? – Cassie
During my recent visit to the ‘CSI: NY’ set, when I asked Gary Sinise about Mac’s “journey” this season – given that they threw love interests old and new at him last spring – he answered that prior to the Melina Kanakaredes/Sela Ward swap, “We had some things planned, but now things have changed. We have new priorities.” Make of that what you will.

I would love to know anything about Hal Holbrook as Gemma’s father on ‘Sons Of Anarchy.’ It is genius casting, isn’t it? – Tia
‘Tis, Tia! Holbrook pops up toward the end of the season premiere, and judging by those first scenes, his would appear to be an interesting, quiet, compelling and perhaps even sad role. But I am told that Gemma’s father will for sure have some “more animated” moments – if only because, heck, he is Gemma’s father.

Thank you so much for the video of ‘Glee’s Jayma Mays! I for one would love to see her sing “Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me” in the ‘Rocky Horror’ episode. – Carol
Maybe one of those Facebook campaigns is in order, then? At least that’s what Jayma and I “joked” about after the camera stopped rolling….

More ‘Chuck‘ scoop, please! – Toni
The very good news this season, of course, is that Linda Hamilton is playing Chuck and Ellie’s mother. The bad news is that my speculation that Chuck’s father (played by Scott Bakula) somehow faked his death last spring probably won’t come true. “He’s dead, unfortunately,” Ryan McPartlin asserts. “And you know why he’s dead? Because you have to make that threat real. The same thing happened with [the ill-fated Buy More manager played by] Tony Hale. And it literally breaks our heart.”

It seems like forever since we’ve heard anything about ‘The Good Wife.’ Any news? – Susan C.
The recurring presence of Alicia’s gay brother, Owen (played by Dallas Roberts), during Season 2 isn’t merely to help CBS score a better grade from GLAAD. Rather, Julianna Margulies says, “You get to see through him … a little bit of my family’s history, that I come from divorced parents, a father wasn’t around, that kind of thing. You kind of start to understand why Alicia would maintain – or try to maintain – this marriage and family.” Plus, Owen’s a good foil for Peter. “[They] have a real beef with each other… something in the past,” Julianna teases. P.S. Did you see this spoiler-tastic AP story?

Is Jennifer Taylor still a leading lady on ‘Two And A Half Men‘? Storywise she could be out. Or would they really marry Charlie Harper off? – Kajo
As strongly suggested at the end of last season, “Charlie and Chelsea have broken up,” exec producer Lee Aronsohn confirms. Then again, the women in Charlie Harper’s life do have a tendency to shimmy back into the picture, but “you’ll just have to watch and find out” if Chelsea does just that, says Aronson. Lord knows there’ll soon be extra room at the beach house – did I mention that Alan and Jake will be moving out? What?

Any ‘Human Target‘ scoop ? – DullyEL via Twitter
Previously, I gave you Mark Valley’s two cents on the team’s new boss/backer, played by Indira Varma. Now, his take on the recurring character being played by ‘Entourage’ alum Janet Montgomery. Ames, a young thief, “is an interesting one,” Valley says with a wink. ” Guerrero brings her on initially because she’s shown some promise to be a part of this team, so we tentatively take her under our wing.” Tentatively being the operative word when it comes to newcomers as well as familiar faces. “In this second season trust is going to be an important issue,” Valley hints. “Not just with the clients, but within the team.”

Source: Fancast

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