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V - Season 2 - Comic-Con Spoiler Snippets

From the V Panel. I'll update as we get more spoilers in

- We'll find out meaning of red sky by end of second season premiere of V says show runner Scott Rosenbaum.
- Scott Rosenbaum wouldn't say whether John May would return in Season 2
- We're going to meet Anna's mother in the first episode
- Val really is dead--she won't be back on V.
- Jane Badler is certainly someone they are thinking about for Anna's mom, but she may just play something else next season.
- Charles Mesure (Hobbes) series regular for season 2 of V
- Nicholas Lea will return in Season 2
- Season 2 of V: We'll see real nurturing relationship with Erica and Lisa, while Tyler turns to Anna
- Scott Rosenbaum just gave away that Diana is Anna's mother's name
- We will find out why Anna is so interested in Tyler
- We're going to find out how long the Vs have been here and whether and how they've changed world history
- The hybrid baby is another weapon, as Anna would look at it, in her arsenal.," says Scott Rosenbaum
- Ryan's child "was not meant to be"; but Anna will use child for her "devious advantage" says Rosenbaum
- We will see the global impact of the Vs thru international footage
- We will see more of the Fifth Column around the world. "We're going to be moving around more internationally," says Rosenbaum