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TV Guide Mega Buzz - July 28

Thanks to perlnoir for the heads up.

Got any scoop on The Vampire Diaries' new season? — Tara
The presence of werewolves in Bon Temps, er, Mystic Falls makes uncomfortable bedfellows of the brothers Salvatore and Alaric. "What I love about Alaric and Damon is that they are both hopeless romantics blinded by love," Ian Somerhalder tells us. Conveniently, a hottie grad student from Duke will round out their wolf-hunting pack.

Is the CSI: NY season finale cliff-hanger going to get a proper resolution? — Christina
You bet. The new season picks up right after the finale's events, and somebody will be carried away in a body bag. Then, the story jumps ahead five months, to Lindsay receiving a medal for her bravery. But it's not an award she's thrilled to get, as you'll learn when you listen in on Lindsay's sessions with a therapist.

Will we see both universes equally next season on Fringe? — Liam
We're hearing that, at least initially, we'll see more of "over there." Executive producer J.H. Wyatt wants viewers to enjoy their visit to the alternate universe. "We're hoping that the audience will get behind the coolness of the other side, a world where John Lennon still exists and Martin Luther King is still alive, and that it's actually a harder place to live." Just ask Olivia, whose plight in captivity will be the subject of the early episodes.

When will Brennan get to meet Booth's new love interest on Bones? — Evan
Booth's new journalist-girlfriend, who will be played by Kathryn Winnick (House), turns up stateside to surprise Booth in Episode 2, but not before Bones gives Booth a little extra grief about his decision to leave his new love behind in Afghanistan.

I want poor Erica to have a boyfriend on V. Please tell me it's going to happen this season. — Michelle
Elizabeth Mitchell says she might be at the center of another love triangle. But will Erica succumb to the odd, deepening chemistry she has with Father Jack? Or Hobbs' raw sexual magnetism? "Erica is going to get together with somebody, but I can't say who," she tells us. Care to guess in the comments?

Any scoop on Smallville's final season? I can't wait to see Clark become Superman. — Zach
Well, wait you must, it seems. "We've got 22 episodes to do it," says executive producer Kelly Souders. "[Clark] has a few more obstacles and lessons to learn. When you look at the show right now, he's definitely not the Superman — the bright light, the inspirational guy — that he will be by the end of the season. He's still in sort of a dark hour. There are things that he's internally wrestling with, and he really has to get over that in order to become that inspirational hope."

If the Botwins are on the run, how can Weeds be about, well, weed anymore? — Miles
Don't worry, Miles. Your vicarious kingpin fantasy will remain intact in the new season — just not the Cheech-and-Chong ones. "I think it's even more drug-centric," Mary Louise Parker tells us. The ever-resourceful Nancy will grow the family business in a different direction on the road after a fortuitous trip to a laundromat.

Got any scoop on Sons of Anarchy? — M.L.
As expected, Jax is a broken man when Season 3 picks up. He's angry over Abel's kidnapping, and the unfortunate victim of that anger is Tara. Jax coldly tells her to leave Charming and the SAMCRO way of life. Also, in the premiere's brutally intense final scene, someone close to the club is badly injured.

Chuck's going to "come out" to more people, right? — Thoma
Possibly, but executive producer Chris Fedak warns that knowing Chuck's secret identity is dangerous. "If they [learn Chuck's secret], they're probably not long for the world," he tells us. Yikes!

Loved the Season 5 Dexter trailer! Got anything else to share? — Daniel
Think everyone is sad about Rita's death? Think again! Jennifer Carpenter says her character Deb — who some might expect to counsel Dexter after losing her lover last season — hasn't even emotionally processed her sister-in-law's death by Episode 4. "I think, in a really messed-up, selfish, greedy way, she thinks that [she and Dexter] are standing on some common ground now and that she'll get the brother she always wanted."

What's this I hear about a Modern Family earthquake? — Tiffany
Cam and Mitch will tell a white lie about the quake to avoid attending a friend's party. When they get caught, their house will sustain some damage after all.

Got any Supernatural spoilers? — Samantha
The show is adding a new angel who's gone a bit rogue. The possibly recurring character is described as an attractive charmer who appears slightly manic on the surface but carries a great sadness.

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