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Smallville - Episode 10.02 - Shield - Snippets

- A really annoying-seeming character named "Nancie" who has a son is in this episode. She comes to work at the Daily Planet, and she seems to be filling in while Lois is... where? We don't know. At one point she listens on the radio to someone named "Godfrey," which could be a reference to Glorious Godfrey of Darkseid lore. The radio "Godfrey" has a thing against "the hero menace," much like he did in the 1980's Legends comic book series.
- The episode also includes a modern day cowboy named Liam who's gunning after Clark Kent - and a woman with the ability to teleport.
A character from the comics who works at the Daily Planet and at one point had a young son is Cat Grant. Could "Nancie" be a "Cassie/Zatanna, Melissa/Maxima" like diversion?
Source: KryptonSite

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