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Hung - Episode Summaries for August

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Episode #15: "A Man, A Plan" or "Thank You, Jimmy Carter"
Tanya lands Ray the "white whale" of clients, but an emergency involving Damon (which started out when he debuted at a poetry slam) threatens to derail the date. With Mike at the end of his teaching rope, Ray decides to promote him to co-manager of the baseball team. Jessica is peeved with Ronnie for being overly suspicious. (Written by Eileen Myers; directed by Adam Davidson.) Playdates: August 1, 3, 5, 6 and 12

Episode #16: "Beaverland"
Jessica turns to Ray for help with a rodent problem that may be imaginary. Rebuffed by Ray in her attempts to add Mike to her stable, Tanya gets guilt-management advice from Charlie, then goes to extremes to prove her success. Ray has difficulty thawing a client who is cold as ice. (Written by Angela Robinson; directed by Lisa Cholodenko.) Playdates: August 8, 10, 12 and 13

Episode #17: "The Middle East Is Complicated"
A container of hummus puts Ray in the unenviable position of choosing cultural sides between Yael and new client Samara. Already upset after squandering her recent windfall, Tanya catches Ray in a cover-up – and turns to Charlie for stress relief. Lenore seethes after learning of Tanya's duplicity; Liz surprises Ray with a revelation about her personal life. (Written by Brett C. Leonard & Kyle Peck; directed by Gloria Muzio.) Playdates: August 15, 17, 19 and 20

Episode #18: "Third Base" or "The Rash"
With his team's future wracked by vandals, Ray agrees to participate in a student-alumni baseball game, but an unexpected warm-up session with Claire threatens to put him on the disabled list. Fed up with Tanya's greed and confused by Mike's request for a donation, Frances doubts their affair. Jessica's old itch resurfaces, prompting Ronnie to deliver a sideline ultimatum to her ex. (Written by Julia Brownell & Eileen Myers; directed by Bronwen Hughes.) Playdates: August 22,24, 26 and 27

Episode #19: "Fat Off My Love" or "I'm the Allergen"
A bad day at school gets worse when Mike accuses Ray of betrayal. Ronnie vents his frustrations with Jessica at a dermatology banquet, sending his wife running for the exits. Empowered by confession, Tanya lashes out at Ray, Lenore and Horny Patty. (Written by Angela Robinson; directed by Colette Burson.) Playdates: August 29 and 31

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