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House - Episode 7.01 - Thunder Roadtrip - Set Video

Thanks to whatsuplisae for sending us this video and info. The Season 7 Premiere will be called "Thunder Roadtrip"

Hugh Laurie is in the green/grey jacket, Lisa Edelstein is in the Pink sweater. You can also tell it's HL by the cane :). I couldn't get any closer with the flip. It sucks for zoom. There's also no sound because were were quite far away.

At the beginning of the video, watch the center-left. Hugh puts a coffee cup on the ground, then stands and starts to walk left when they yell ROLLING and then goes back to the center. When they yell action, he starts to walk left with Lisa on his arm and his cane in hand. If you still can't find him, let me know and I'll help point him out