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The Hard Times of RJ Berger – Episode 1.05 – The Rebound – Recap

At Pinkerton High, a crowd is gathered along with RJ and Miles watching as Jenny Swanson and Max Owens have a spat in the hall. RJ and Miles are at a distance and can’t hear but humorously narrate the exchange. Then Jenny makes things clear when she shouts “I’m through. I am not your girlfriend anymore!” and storms off. Jenny Swanson is single.

Outside at the lunch tables, Lily lets RJ and Miles in on the details of Jenny and Max’s break up. Jenny went to leave cupcakes in Max’s locker and found a pair of red panties, that didn’t belong to her. At separate tables Max’s and Jenny’s friends try to cheer them up by putting down their respective exs. And the parade of guys trying to catch Jenny on the rebound begins.

RJ absently folds pink laundry in the gym when coach Sinclair enters. Coach points out that Max is taking his frustrations over Jenny out from three point land; he can’t miss.

In the locker room, Miles overhears Max’s friends discussing Jenny: “Whoever’s with that girl on Friday night is gonna…”

“Bone her 100%!” Miles delivers the news to RJ. RJ doesn’t think he has a chance. When, Jenny appears in slow-mo walking right his way. She wants to have an extra study session… on Friday night. Miles pulls RJ close and exclaims: “Dude, you are going to study her brains out!”

RJ and Miles work to transform his room into a “love palace.” Miles suggests a trick to bed Jenny. But RJ makes it clear that he wants her to like him as he is.

RJ asks the coach for a night off to study with Jenny. The coach is surprised that RJ’s snagged Jenny on the rebound. It reminds him of the more "badunkalicious" Jenny Swanson of his High School. In an animated flashback, we learn her boyfriend was arrested after an anonymous tip he was selling bootleg Milli Vanilli cassettes, giving coach his opening and allowing him one sweet weekend of rebound sex. RJ wants to be more than a just a rebound to Jenny. But coach says he should just be glad he’s in the game.

In the library, Max Owens grabs RJ and slams him against a shelf. With his fist in RJ’s face he declares: “Someone set me up, Berger.”

Max claims that he didn’t cheat on Jenny. He pulls out the red panties in question as proof; they are a size medium and he doesn’t “f*ck fatties.” Max wants RJ to tell Jenny he didn’t cheat. He leaves RJ with the panties to go continue his “can’t miss” shooting streak.

In the gym, RJ investigates a pink jockstrap; putting it to his nose and inhaling deeply, then the panties. He eyes the nearby detergent bottle, recognizing the scent.

RJ goes through the coach’s desk and besides a skin mag finds the remaining two pairs of a three pack of red panties. Coach enters and admits that he set up Max the same way he made up the bootleg Milli Vanilli cassettes back in the day. He thought Max was too distracted from basketball chasing after Jenny. Coach tells RJ he should be thanking him for freeing Jenny up. But the lies don’t sit with RJ. Coach recommends he keep his mouth shut and get his sweet rebound tail.

That night, Jenny shows up at RJ’s house.

Meanwhile, at a basketball game coach lays out the game plan for the night: “Pass the damn ball to Max.”

Back at RJ’s house, the lights are dim, candles dot the room. RJ sits beside Jenny on his bed. Jenny vents about Max; she can't believe he lied and cheated, she's “Done with guys like that.” Jenny and RJ’s gaze meets and they look into each others eyes a long moment.

Still looking in each others eyes, Jenny touches RJ’s shoulder as she tells him that he’s a good guy with a good heart “Not the lying type.” RJ hesitates, then responds: “There’s something I should really tell you.”

At the game, the score is tied with ten seconds left on the clock. The ball’s passed to Max who goes for the hole as Jenny enters with RJ. She calls out to Max who gets the ball stolen, losing the game. The coach can’t believe what just happened. Jenny runs into Max’s arms letting him know RJ told her everything and reuniting with an extended kiss.
Miles joins RJ and RJ lets him know that he might have had a chance with Jenny that night but he didn’t want it the wrong way.
Coach spots RJ and gets in his face, letting him know the pain in store for screwing him.