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V - Season 2 Info from Executive Producer Scott Rosenbaum

Thanks to Benjamin from http://serie-v.over-blog.com/ for the heads up.

Interview with V Executive Producer Scott Rosenbaum
UGO: Clearly one of the big current plot points is the army of V soldiers Anna is breeding. Given the budget limitations of television, how much of an army are we going to see? How much of a battle are we going to see?

SR: The finale will answer some of these questions. However, we are going to see a lot more of the V soldiers and their army in Season 2. Also, when the battle starts, we will see the battle. We do have budget limitations but we’ll figure it out.

UGO: We’ve had a lot of nerdtastic guest stars on the show, from Alan Tudyk to Michael Trucco. Who else are we going to see coming up?

SR: Season two we’ll definitely have a lot more. I enjoy this type of casting and it will continue.

UGO: Are we going to see The Fifth Column and the Visitors in a détente for the rest of the show, or could we end up in total global apocalypse territory – or somewhere in between?

SR: I’ll only say this – before any détente – there will be blood.

UGO: And when are we going to get to see the Visitors sans human skin?

SR: Season two.

UGO: It’s a pretty crowded landscape out there, especially for scifi and genre shows. To sum up, what makes V unique?

SR: What makes V unique is the expanse of the canvas it provides. We can tell stories about the V’s on the ship. V’s on Earth. V’s on other planets. There’s also so much mythology. Where they came from? Why are they here? And what they plan to do with us. On top of that we have the human perspective. The story’s are really limitless.

UGO: And a very important question to end with... Are we ever going to see Anna and Chad get it on?

SR: Yes. But you’ll have to wait and see.

Source: Full Interview@UGO

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OkUrRight: Do they plan on explaining what is going on on the Vs home planet anytime soon or is that going to remain a mystery for a while?

Rosenbaum: Yes. In Season 2 I plan to start answering some of these questions.

rogue3164: Are there any planes to show a V in full lizard suit or without their human skin? Come on guys, I think it would be realistic for a V to walk around its own ship without wearing their human skin.

Rosenbaum: We are planning to do this. Just wanted to wait for the right moment. In Season 2 you will finally see them without human skin.

Red_Rings_of_Doom: 1. Will you show the Vs in full reptile suits please?!
2. Will you show the Vs feeding on humans please?
3. Will you bring in Lost actors please?
4. Will the Us Military play a big role once the war starts?

Rosenbaum: Yes to all of the above...

Precious Muller: Why are the Visitors referring to themselves as Vs? Shouldn't they have a specific race name for themselves?

Rosenbaum: Visitors refer to themselves this way so as not to scare off humans. They're trying to be as relatable physically and psychologically as possible so as not to worry us so they can pursue their devious plans without interruption.

Ryan Hutchings: Will you be adding more cast members? ABC's other hit show Lost successfully layered a group of cast members with deaths and additions throughout to keep things fresh. Will V follow a similar formula?

Rosenbaum: We're definitely adding more characters next year.

Bridget Emerick: I have been wondering when will we figure out if we can or cannot trust Chad. I mean one second the guy seems like he getting it and then the next he in bed with the Vs. I mean come on. What's his deal!?!

Rosenbaum: Chad is an interesting character. Part of his appeal is if we can or can't trust him. In Season 2 however, Chad will make some very surprising choices behind Anna's back.

Jesse W: We know there are Worker Vs and Solider Vs. How many "breeds" of Vs are there?

Rosenbaum: There are quite a few. I won't reveal them because I want you to enjoy the fun of discovery.

Alex Smith: I've noticed that one of the big themes of the show is visitor/human relations and that made me wonder if we're ever going to see a visitor/human romantic relationship where the human knows exactly what they're getting themselves into (Visitor = a lizard hiding behind cloned human skin) when they start interacting with the other person?

Are we ever going to see some official, insider interaction with the Visitors (e.g. Scientists, biologists asking them about genetics or technology)?

Rosenbaum: In Season 2 we're going to really get into the mythology of the Vs. Who they are? What they can do? And of course, why are they really here?

Ryan Huffman: I've read that V is slated for only 12 episodes, is the season expected to continue or will it come back for another season?

Rosenbaum: Season 1 is 12 episodes but Season 2 will be more.

Source: Full Interview @ IGN

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