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V - Season 2 Filming Start Date and Elizabeth Mitchell Interview

Thanks to MadBeeOtch for the heads up.

Recently, The V Files informed everyone that the Writers, for V: The New Series, had gone back to work writing for the upcoming Season Two.. The series Writers have been penciling away for three ( 3 ) weeks now, and now we can give you the date of when Cast and Crew head back to begin filming.. We heard a rumor recently of a date in which Cast and Crew would start filming for Season Two.. Now we can confirm it!!

In a recent interview, Elizabeth Mitchell ( Erica Evans ) spoke about her character; what she likes about her role; Alan Tudyk ( Dale Maddox ); and talks about Season Two.. During the interview, at the 2:56 minute mark, Elizabeth was asked:

When do you think you’ll be starting filming for Season Two?
Elizabeth Mitchell: August 12th..

So the Writers have been back at work since the first week of June 2010.. Cast and Crew begin filming Season Two from Thursday 12th August 2010.. Will we see V: The New Season Season Two in November 2010??

Source: thevfiles