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SpoilerTV Best Show Ever - Round 1 First Region Predictions and Thoughts

For starters I should say that if you wish to enter the main competition and win a prize then you can check out all the details and join at this here:
This is a very strong part of the competition to be in, not necessarily the hardest to get through, but it definitely won't be an easy one to call. This was demonstrated the other day when ER won the poll for one of the final places in the competition with more votes through this method than any other show in the nomination phase. Obviously people find it much easier to do a poll than write a few show names.
Read on for all my predictions and Thoughts on the Opening Day's Battles
The Big Battle
The main battle of the first day is going to be Legend of the Seeker vs. Fringe. This is certainly the hardest one to get your fingers round, largely because Spoiler TV has quite a large following of Fringe fans due to it's large LOST following on DarkUFO. However, yesterday, Legend of the Seeker supporters desperate to see their show find a home at a station somewhere, and currently in limbo as to whether it is to be cancelled have created a very vocal fanbase, and is likely to draw people who are not regular SpoilerTV users to the site. It's perhaps upto Fringe fans to do the same if they want a place in Round Two. This one is impossible to predict, it's my prediction for closest battle of the day. (I still need a review of Fringe for the Final Competition, it could make all the difference, so please send them in to me at: harris_4_president@yahoo.co.uk)
The Other Tough Ones
Arrested Development vs. the Shield will be very interesting to watch, as 'AD' is relatively unknown to me, I haven't ever watched an episode, yet had a huge support during the nomination phase and is certainly something I am planning on trying at somepoint. That being said, The Shield is another Critically Praised show with a more completed storyline (it ended as opposed to being cancelled) so it will likely have a lot of fans on the site. I expect this to be much more of a tough battle.
Glee vs. The Prisoner is totally going to come down to the question of will the older shows have enough support. The prisoner is critically praised as one of, if not the best show ever by a lot of people, but Glee is huge at the moment. If your a fan of either, more importantly 'The Prisoner', I would gather some interest from other fans over the next few weeks.
Firefly vs 24 is another tough one on paper, as Firefly has the whole Joss Whedon fanbase behind it, and also, with Buffy being on the same day, will have the loyalty between the two shows in terms of voting, but I would still expect 24, with 8 seasons of top quality drama, to pull through.
One's I'm More Certain of.
I strongly expect Buffy, The Office and Sex and the City to get through to the next round, as I don't feel 'The Mentalist' has enough of an online fan-base to really push past the huge following Buffy has, and was shown in the nomination phase.
The Office has quite a big crowd in America, as it's very much an easy-watching show that will have made anyone who watches it laugh, and against Oz, a show that finished a number of years ago, I don't see it having much trouble.
Sex and the City has the push from it's recent film, and although Veronica Mars has a big crowd, I still think there will be more support for it. But the film was panned, and so could play against it. Plus, there are a lot of SATC haters who may vote for Veronica Mars on principle. Despite this, I still expect it to come through.
The Easy One
I strongly think 'The Wire' will ease through. Critically praised by all who watch it, I don't see Always Sunny in Philadelphia to have enough support. But hey, I could easily be wrong.

By all means, this is here as a helper in a sense, and I haven't explicitly stated which way I think all will go as I don't want to be seen to be biased or anything, and it's also mainly to get more people involved, and I feel a lot of shows are going to need fans sending out the message to other sites to get them in.
Also, I have very few Reviews from this section of the competition, barring Legend of the Seeker, who have filled my inbox with about 20 reviews I will have to choose from, so please, it will take barely any time to write a review to try to win over the voters, that I can use in the main competition posts. It's a great chance to have your name on the main site in a post, and will help make the competition even better, so send in all the reviews you can do for shows you watch. Other shows could have the advantage if you don't. All reviews go to harris_4_president@yahoo.co.uk

Do you agree with my predictions, which way would you imagine this first region set of Battles are going to go? I could be totally wrong, but I want to know why?
Start the TV wars below!


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