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Breaking Bad - Picked up for a 4th Season

AMC has closed a deal to renew Vince Gilligan's dark drama Breaking Bad for a fourth season. The network is expected to make the announcement tomorrow, following tonight's third season finale. The deal had been in the works for almost two months, after the network first notified the auspices on the Sony TV-produced series of the pickup in April. I hear the sticking issue between AMC and Sony was the budget for the upcoming season, with the network eyeing a production budget of about $3.1 million per episode, while the show's creative team was pulling for $3.3 million. After weeks of crunching numbers, I hear the two sides came to an agreement, splitting the budget gap in the middle. Breaking Bad earned two Emmys for star Bryan Cranston and a best series nomination last year. It is considered a formidable drama contender again this year, with its nomination chances boosted by the fact that its third season culminated during the Emmy voting period. Gilligan has said that he intends to set an end date for the series, which would likely run for two more seasons.

Source: Deadline