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July 13 will be a lucky day for sexy Latina Kate del Castillo (PBS’s American Family). That's the date she joins the cast of Showtime’s Weeds, playing Pilar Guzman, who drives a wedge into Nancy’s (Mary Louise Parker) relationship with her unborn baby’s father, Esteban (Demian Bichir). The Mexican actress gave TV Guide Magazine the lowdown on the new character while hanging out at a Los Angeles dogo park with her mini pinscher, Lola.

Congratulations on Weeds. Some of us remember you from American Family. Was there ever any pot smoking on that?
Kate: Only the actors.

Awesome! How long’s your run on Weeds?
Kate: I already shot three episodes (6, 8 and 9) and I think my next one is going to be the last one of the season.

What’s the role?
Kate: I play Pilar Guzman. She’s a classy, powerful, strong woman who is going to be shaking up the relationship between Nancy and Esteban. She’s a wealthy woman who inherited a lot of money.

I’ve heard she’s a drug lord.
Kate: Yes, kind of. I think this is the first time in five seasons that Mary-Louise’s character will have to deal with a bad woman – and I don’t necessarily mean drug dealing. At first, I don’t even look at her. I don’t like the relationship she has with Esteban – for business reasons.

Is Weeds shown in your native Mexico?
Kate: Now they’re showing the fourth season and everyone loves it.

You are also starring in an online telenovela for Univision.com.
Kate: Yes. It’s called Vidas Cruzadas, which means Crossed Life. There are 15 episodes that are between five and seven minutes each – starting in August. They look like little movies. The theme is artificial insemination. My character has had it with men and wants to be a mom as soon as possible, so she goes and gets artificially inseminated and then the next day meets the love of her life.

Would you ever get artificially inseminated?
Kate: I thought about it, but I think I’d rather adopt.

Until then you have little Lola.
Kate: Oh yes.. she keeps me very busy.

Source: TV Guide Magazine

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