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Exclusive - The Mentalist - Episode 2.01 - Redemption - Plotline and Casting Call

This episode starts filming on 13th July 2009.

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A woman who apparently stole a million dollars from her employer is found suffocated, and Lisbon and Jane can only watch as the Red John case is taken away from them by SAM BOSCO...

[KESSIE] 21 years old, Female, kind of homely and plain, maternal, she has a little bit of an attitude. She is protective of her 16-year-old brother Ansel, a cancer survivor, and she handles the family's finances. When she learns that her mother Maggie has been killed, Kessie matter-of-factly and somewhat harshly spills the family secrets -- but not quite all of them. Her tough facade crumbles when she has a chance to view a videotape of her mother that was recorded before she died...GUEST STAR (23)

[RHONDA JARRET] 50s-60s, posh and dignified, gentle. A powerful woman, she is the owner of Jarrett Industries and she earned her money. Her company received some unwelcome publicity when one of its lower-tier employees, murder victim Maggie, stole a million dollars from the company. Rhonda's attitude is forgiving and gracious; she doesn't like to point fingers or lay blame for the situation, but her calm demeanor is just an act...GUEST STAR (32)

[BODHI ANDROS] 30s, handsome and hip, new age, but also shallow and insensitive, he's a yoga instructor who had an affair with the murder victim, Maggie. Petrified when the cops show up, he hides in a hamper. During questioning, he admits that he found Maggie's concern for her cancer-stricken son to be tedious...GUEST STAR (34)

[HOLLIS] In his 40s, good-natured, overworked and beat-down, he is father to Kessie and Ansel, and the husband of the murder victim, Maggie. He repeatedly forgave her indiscretions (to the resentment of Kessie). He's stricken and made tearful by the news of Maggie's death, and he tells Kessie to show respect for her mother when she speaks of her...GUEST STAR (23)

[GREG HUMPHREY] 40s-50s, this sweaty, somewhat condescending finance director in an expensive but ill-fitting suit, was the murder victim's direct supervisor at Jarret Industries. He's sick of having to rehash exactly how Maggie outsmarted him, as he's already gone over all the details with the FBI...ONE DAY GUEST STAR (36)

[CAPTAIN] 40s-50s, an old school police department captain with the Sacramento PD, he's grateful for Jane and Lisbon's assistance with a department store homicide, although he's quick to tell Jane that he doesn't believe in any psychic crap...ONE DAY GUEST STAR (1) OPEN TO ALL ETHNICITIES

[MANDY] Late 30s-early 40s, a pretty, entitled, self-important bitch of a customer at a high-end department store, she irritably asks Jane if his investigation is a joke, and she becomes very flustered and faints when it appears as though she's led him to a murder weapon...ONE DAY GUEST STAR (4)

[MAGGIE] In her 40s, beautiful, this assistant office manager and mother of two who supposedly stole a million dollars from her employer, Jarret Industries, is found suffocated in a sparse apartment far from her estranged family. She appears on a videotape, explaining her actions and apologizing for the mistakes that cost her her family's trust...ONE DAY GUEST STAR (53)

[ANSEL] Male, 18 to play 16, pale and frail, he's a cancer survivor now in total remission. He is stricken and deeply saddened to hear of his mother's death, and defends her to the cops and to his older sister, Kessie...LARGE CO-STAR (23)

[BUILDING MANAGER] Male, 40s-50s, the apartment manager of Maggie's building, he reveals that Maggie was a lonely woman who kept to herself, paid in cash, and mostly spent her time watching TV...3 lines, 2 scenes (15) OPEN TO ALL ETHNICITIES

[REALTOR] Female, 40s-50s, cougarish, spunky, and blonde. This real estate agent showing a house to a young couple becomes snippy and irritated when Jane and Cho pop up inside, especially after they announce they're investigating a homicide on the premises...1 speech & 3 lines, sptv050769 1 scene (50)

[NEIL] In his early 40s, a neat freak golf fanatic, he works as a sales clerk at a high-end department store, where someone's been murdered. Neil is nervous about Jane's interrogation, and with good reason...3 lines, 1 scene (3)

[CANDICE] 18 or over to play 15 or 16, a well-dressed teenage girl toting a fake leather Birkin bag, she's shopping at a high-end department store when a murder is committed. Jane tricks her into handing over her bag and analyzes her based on its contents...3 lines, 1 scene (3) OPEN TO ALL ETHNICITIES

[REED] He is a portly and somewhat sinister-looking male customer at the high-end department store...2 lines, 1 scene (4)

[DEPUTY] A deputy in Twenty Palms, he or she tells Lisbon that Maggie's license is a fake...2 lines, 1 scene (15)

[RECEPTIONIST] Female, Late 20s-30s, somewhat overweight and plain, she works at Jarret Industries and tells Lisbon and Jane that Rhonda will be with them shortly...1 line, 1 scene (31)

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