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Burn Notice - Episode 3.07 - Shot In The Dark - Casting Call

[TOM STRICKLER] Male, Any ethnicity, 40s-50s. Free Lance Spy Broker. A fast talking hustler, Strickler makes a living by contracting current and former spies to do work on the side. He’s like a talent agent, but for spies. A born salesman, Strickler is charismatic and gregarious, but underneath the charm is an edge that can turn deadly under the wrong circumstances. He offers to cancel Michael's burn notice in exchange for an unspecified job -- a blind date that could easily get Michael killed. He waits and watches while Michael wriggles and twists -- but ultimately Michael decides that he has no choice but to accept a deal with the devil...GUEST STAR, RECURRING ROLE. MUST BE AVAILABLE FOR A 4-EPISODE ARC FROM 4/29-6/10. LOOKING FOR NAME ACTORS ONLY.

[APRIL LUNA] Female, Caucasian, in her 30s, April is a pretty young mom with two children, 13 year old Joey and 3 year old Danny. Unhappily married to a local politician with mobster connections, Erik Luna, she's in the middle of a messy divorce from her husband, who regards "spouse" as a synonym for "punching bag." Facing a bitter custody dispute, she fears that Erik will use his cash and connections to take her children away -- and when Michael agrees to take her case, she sees the first glimmer of hope..GUEST STAR (10)

[JOEY] Male, Caucasian, 12-14 years old, he's the son of April Luna and the stepson of Erik Luna. He loathes his stepdad Erik for his quick fists, and is determined to kill him, free his mom and half-brother, and live with the consequences. Caught by Michael while in the act of trying to boost a weapon from Fiona's apartment, he spills his story, and cannot believe it when Michael agrees to clean up his family dispute without using an attorney or a shotgun. But Joey is an impatient kid without trust or foresight, who tries a second time to eliminate Erik the direct way...GUEST STAR (6)

[ERIK LUNA] Male, Caucasian, in his 30s, handsome and arrogant, Erik is a rich, well-connected local politician with mobster connections; he's on every political board, he's a big deal down at the docks, and he owns a piece of the local country club. He’s the face of the operation, with his brother Quinn providing muscle and guns to back him up. He's certain that he can put over any crooked deal he dreams up. A little too cocky, he's in the middle of a custody battle with his wife April, and he intends to leave her with no kids and no money, but with maybe a pair of black eyes to remember him by. Having been foolish enough to sell some very pricey (and confiscated) luxury cars without his brother's okay, Erik has left himself open to attack from outside, and Michael mercilessly exploits that advantage, convincing Erik that he cheated on an unstable psychopath who's out to kill him. Quickly reduced to a state of babbling paranoia, Erik winds up locked in a nuthatch by his brother Quinn, who can't afford to have a madman as his front.sptv050769..LARGE GUEST STAR (13)

[QUINN LUNA] Male, Caucasian, 40, he is Erik's older brother and the muscle of the family, a mobster with a commanding presence, a permanent scowl, and a staff of bodyguards. The guy who built the Luna family empire over the cracked skulls of his rivals, he's let his smooth-talking, polished brother become the front for the family enterprises -- only he can't afford to have Erik betray him or lose control in any way. A professional smuggler who ordered his brother to marry April so that he would look respectable, Quinn has to take serious action when he's convinced (by Michael) that Erik has lost his marbles...GUEST STAR (13)

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