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Knight Rider - Episode 1.14 - Knight and the City - Casting Call and Plotline

Mike and kitt go to the aid of bar owner LISA NELSON, who's trying hard to save the eccentric but increasingly dangerous bar her father left her, unaware that whoever is trying to put her out of business is going after something far more valuable than the place itself...

[LISA NELSON] Late 20s, gorgeous, no-nonsense, tough and pragmatic, Lisa is the owner of the rough No Bar, which used to be owned by her late father and which brings together--not always peacefully--punks, bikers, performance artists and blue collar folks from the neighborhood. Lisa loves the bar and has made a vow that she'd keep it going for her dad, but between the increasingly antagonistic patrons, the many fights and several fires, she's getting tired and is considering selling. She's impressed with Mike, who's come to work as a bouncer, and definitely attracted to him...GUEST STAR (6)PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[PHIL DRISCOLL] 50s, formidable, intelligent, Terry's father and formerly the business partner of Lisa's dad, Phil is a real estate developer who's offered repeatedly to buy the bar from Lisa, who won't sell. A powerful guy, Phil comes to the bar to see for himself the bouncer (Mike) who broke Terry's nose, and when he hears the story he completely sides with Mike. A guy who'll stop at nothing to get what he wants, Phil gets into a classic bar-room brawl with Mike--and manages to hold his own...GUEST LEAD (20) PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[EDDIE] Late 20s to 30s. The large but ineffectual doorman at the No Bar, articulate but not very bright, Eddie is impressed with the way Mike, as the new bouncer, winds up keeping order, and has no problem working with him. Eddie confesses to Mike that he himself started the most recent fire in the bar, thinking that if he could put it out, he'd be a hero; however, Eddie caught sight of Kitt putting out the fire, and now has a healthy respect for Mike. Eddie tells Mike about the rumors that Lisa's father's fatal accident wasn't an accident...GUEST LEAD (11)PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[TERRY DRISCOLL] late 20s. This tough, good looking, not too bright guy is one of the unruly patrons trying to get into the No Bar without paying the cover, and when he tries to rush in with his friends, he's physically prevented by Mike--who also takes Terry's gun. Terry's had a crush on Lisa (they dated once) since high school, and he doesn't appreciate Mike making him look stupid in front of her. Terry's eager to get his vengeance on Mike through his father, Phil Driscoll, who takes Terry to task for his behavior, but ultimately has bigger fish to fry regarding the No Bar...9 lines, 3 sceens sptv050769 (11)LARGE CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[BAD GUY #1, BAD GUY #2] 20s-30s. These two tough bad guys with criminal records are patrons at the No Bar who go after Kitt, in the parking lot, with a crowbar. Surprised and frustrated when Kitt is impervious to their attacks, the bad guys repeatedly tire themselves out trying to vandalize, break into and ultimately destroy Kitt--who always has the upper hand...1 speech & 7 lines, 4 scenes; 5 lines, 4 scenes respectively (9) LARGE CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[JEANNETTE] 20s. The cashier at the No Bar, Jeanette is caught by Mike pocketing cash from the till, and faces off against him, saying, "You have no idea who you're messing with"...2 lines, 1 scene (11)CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

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